Wednesday, May 12, 2021
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Biden: There’s NO Gas Shortage, Blames Hoarding Americans

Motorists and even airlines struggled to find fuel across the southeastern US due to the gas shortage created by the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack.

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Max Kellerman Furthers ESPN’s ‘NFL Is Racist’ Idiocy

As TuskerDaily reported earlier. ESPN began the week by publishing an imbecilic race-baiting 'The NFL is Racist' article from Martenzie Johnson who accused the...

ESPN, Martenzie Johnson Lies To Push Their Woke NFL Is Racist Idiocy

ESPN and their woke website The Undefeated once again race-baited its readers as author Martenzie Johnson accused the NFL of being racist against black QBs.

Cancel Culture Mob Targets ‘Rambo’ Sylvester Stallone

Cancel culture mob has decided to step into the ring with 'Rocky' Sylvester Stallone over his Mar-a-Lago membership.

CNN Cancel Culture Sounds Alarm Over Racist Asian Fonts

CNN following up on the attempt to cancel Abraham Lincoln produced an explosive hard-hitting in-depth report on racist Asian fonts

United Airlines Takes Woke Corporate Pandering To New Heights

United Airlines jumped on the Democrats 'woke outage of the month' bandwagon and brought corporate wokeism to dizzying new heights

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