Playboy / CNN Reporter Brian Karem

Playboy / CNN Reporter Brian Karem making his ‘Dear Diary’ claim that Sen. Ted Cruz didn’t answer his Impeachment question.

Maybe this is why no one trusts the mainstream media to report anything honestly.


Like all Democrats and liberal loony toons, Brian Karem seems to have forgotten there is video proof of his fraudulent claim.

Worse, unlike Democrats like Obama, Pelosi and Schiffhead who forget that there is a website called YouTube.

Brian Karem actually shows the video that proves that his accusation against Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) are completely delusional.

We’re all familiar with Brian Karem’s theatrics when he was Playboy’s White House beat reporter trying desperately to become the next Jim Acosta.

Karem from day one of the Trump Presidency continually made a fool of himself by asking imbecilic questions during the daily White House press conferences, which led to him having his credentials yanked by the White House.

When President Trump canceled the daily briefings Karem then tried to get someone to notice him by challenging Sebastian Gorka to a fight in the White House parking lot during Trump’s social media summit in the summer of 2019.

Since then Karem has not backed away from that quest to become the next Jim Acosta, as we see in a video he posted for his own edification.

Brian Karem is now adopting Acosta’s method of shouting questions with no hope of being answered, then claiming he was rebuffed professionally.

In the halls of the Senate, Ted Cruz was fielding questions from a horde of reporters.

As he wrapped the impromptu session that went on for over 10-minutes.

A number of the reporters all began speaking over themselves, desperate to get one last question in.

Brian Karem recorded his own attempt, and he tried claiming Senator Cruz ducked his Earth-shattering question.

Of course, it would help Karem’s case if Ted Cruz wasn’t a half-mile away from this moron reporter by the time Brian Karem finished asking his imbecilic question.


Here’s the Video from the July 11th confrontation that Brian Karem had with Sebastian Gorka

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