Richmond Virginia Second Amendment Pro Gun Rally

The Pro-Gun, Pro Second Amendment Rally being held in Richmond is now winding down and people took to Twitter to tell Virginia Democrats and their Blackface, White Hoodie wearing Gov. Ralph Northam a few things.

For the past week the leftist propaganda fake news media has been smearing the Richmond, Virginia Pro Gun, Pro Second Amendment rally as some sort of violent get together for America’s “White Supremacists” and “Neo Nazis” racists.

Of course, that mainstream media idiocy couldn’t have been further from the truth.

Former FL Rep, retired Army Lt. Col. said it best about what the true meaning of the 2nd Amendment Richmond Rally was all about.

Now that the Pro-Gun, Second Amendment rally that caused Virginia’s blackface / KKK White Hoodie wearing  governor Ralph Northam to panic and declare a state of emergency where no one could carry guns around the state capitol, is now finishing up and here are a few of our favorite tweets.

Democrats Just Don’t Get It What The Second Amendment Is About… And I Suspect They Never Will

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