Before Joe Biden even appeared on “Morning Joe” to respond to Tara Reade’s sexual assault allegation against him, Mika Brzezinski made it clear how the media should handle Clueless Joe.

In light of the left’s hair-on-fire response to weak, 30-year old allegations leveled against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh as a backdrop.

Co-host Mika Brzezinski did not even try to hide her hypocrisy over the media’s coverage of then-Sen. Biden allegedly sexually assaulting his former staffer Tara Reade in the early 1990s stating:

“We think that’s a good thing,” she said. “The media should not apply what seemed to be a Kavanaugh standard to Joe Biden.”

The media should not apply the same standard most applied to Judge Kavanaugh to Donald Trump.

The media should not apply a Kavanaugh standard to any public figure. The blanket and absolute standard of simply believing all women is a notion we dismissed here on the show early on.”

She would then stress that they said as much on the show during the Kavanaugh debacle, it doesn’t change the fact that there was a shameless media feeding frenzy.

“The standard for the media in covering sexual assault allegations needs to be to report the facts,” Brzezinski said. “Listen to the accuser. And give the accused full due process, both men and women. We were very clear about that on the show during the Kavanaugh story.”

Before his “Morning Joe” appearance, Biden released a statement beforehand denying the allegations leveled against him.

“They aren’t true. This never happened,” Biden declared in the release:

Here’s the full interview

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