According to a new video, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Coronavirus policies that caused the unnecessary deaths of thousands of elderly New Yorkers were never motivated by CDC guidelines, but by greed.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Coronavirus policies resulted in 6,952 New Yorkers needlessly dying.

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s to this day refuses to accept any responsibility for his COVID-19 policies that ordered elderly patients who were infected with Coronavirus to be moved out of hospitals and into unprepared nursing homes.

Janice Dean from FOX News who lost both her parents-in-law to published a powerful USA Today oped this past week lambasting Cuomo’s short-sighted decision, as well as the Governor refusing to accept any responsibility for its tragic results, wrote:

At first, we didn’t blame anyone for my in-laws’ deaths. This is a pandemic, after all. Then we learned about a policy that put them in danger

Janice Dean with In-laws Sean, and Dee Newman who died due to NY governor Andrew Cuomo's coronavirus policies
Janice Dean with In-laws Sean, and Dee Newman in 2019

My family didn’t have to die

Many of us aren’t laughing. My husband’s parents died of coronavirus in their elder care facilities. 

We lost his dad in late March and his mom two weeks later. My family wasn’t able to see them before they died, they weren’t given last rites, wakes, or funerals. 

They died alone. 

Mickey and Dee Newman spent their entire lives in Brooklyn. They were true New Yorkers. Mickey was a retired New York City Fire Department firefighter who served in the U.S. Air Force. Dee helped raised three kids and was a devoted grandmother. 

They lived in a four-story walk-up in Brooklyn for 50 years, until their health deteriorated and they required constant care. They died only a few months after being placed in their elderly care homes.

Not a day goes by where we don’t think of them.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Takes No Responsibility For Sending Elderly NY’ers To Their Death.

CNN, whether real or imagined, rips into President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic at every opportunity.

But while CNN lambasts Donald Trump over such trivialities as not wearing a mask while the President adheres to social distancing guidelines at an outdoor event.

Despite New York State accounting for nearly 40,000 deaths, CNN heaps praise upon Governor Andrew Cuomo for his supposed exceptional handling of the crisis.

The Clown News Networks blatant hypocrisy becomes even more obscene as they saw nothing wrong, despite at the time New York had recorded 22,000 deaths, with Gov. Andrew Cuomo, making an appearance on his baby brothers’ show ‘Cuomo Prime Time‘ so the two siblings could enjoy a hearty laugh over Fredo’s huge Q-tip prop.

6,952 Elderly New Yorkers Deserve Justice

Cuomo’s policy of requiring coronavirus patients to go from hospital to a nursing home, regardless of whether they still harbored the virus, while forbidding nursing homes from refusing them, was even more perplexing considering New York medical facilities had plenty of space available.

The available beds became even more abundant after President Trump ordered the Navy’s hospital ship Comfort to provide additional support and beds, as well as Trump previously establishing the Javits Center as a massive field hospital with 1,700 beds that were deemed for patients infected with the coronavirus only.

Neither one of those facilities were used to any great degree, leaving close to 1,000 beds empty at any one time. There was literally no reason to send compromised elderly and infirm into environments of more elderly and infirm, and every existential reason not to do so.

In response to the mainstream media ignoring Cuomo’s disastrous COVID policies, Conservatives have done their best to get the truth out to the general public.

An excellent video was posted by YouTube’s L IsfortheWay that exposes the real reason behind Governor Cuomo’s decisions to force elderly coronavirus victims back into unprepared nursing homes…MONEY!

To the nursing home organizations that helped fund Andrews Cuomo’s New York political campaigns, these elderly COVID patients were worth money from the U.S. government.

Andrew Cuomo’s decision to force Coronavirus infected elderly New Yorker’s out of hospitals and into these ill-prepared nursing homes was simply him paying back these nursing home organizations for the millions they gave him in campaign contributions over the years: