7 Recent Ways Unhinged Woke Liberal White Women Appeased Their ‘Guilt’

7 Recent Ways Unhinged Woke Liberal White Women Appeased Their White Guilt
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It’s both laughable and cringe-worthy watching woke liberal white women wearing pricey outfits, and tiger print or sequenced face masks screeching at black cops about then not knowing how ‘Whitey’ has kept them down.

Here Are 7 Recent Ways Woke liberal White Women Went Off The Rails:

1. Assaulted Wisconsin Democrat State Sen. Tim Carpenter

Wisconsin State Sen. Tim Carpenter, who is a Democrat and openly gay, was assaulted in Madison Tuesday night by what appears to be two white women protestors charging toward him. It was reported that Carpenter collapsed walking to the statehouse building and paramedics were called.

2. Set Fire To Atlanta Wendy’s

Natalie White, 29, faces first-degree arson charges for starting a fire at an Atlanta Wendy’s restaurant as retribution for the police killing of Rayshard Brooks. White turned herself in after a warrant was issued for her arrest.

3. Supplied Instructions for the Destruction of Statues

CUNY Professor Erin L. Thompson describes herself as “America’s only full-time professor of art crime,” who studies “damage done to humanity’s shared heritage through looting, theft, and the deliberate destruction of art.” Naturally, posted the best methods for the senseless destruction.

4. Justifies ‘The Destruction of Property’

R.H. Lossin, a white women, wrote an article for The Nation titled, “In Defense of Destroying Property” in which she explores the question: What if property destruction “is not a frustrated, emotional reaction but a reasonable and articulate expression in itself?”

5. Set Fire to Police Cars

As we reported weeks ago Samantha Shader was charged with the attempted murder of 4 NYPD cops after throwing a Molotov cocktail inside an occupied NYPD van during the BLM Brooklyn Rioting…Dammit I meant “Peaceful Protest

In another example this Seattle woman was arrested and charged with federal arson for setting fire to Seattle police vehicles.

6. Screamed Obscenities at Cops

Judging by the overabundance of woke liberal white woman screeching at cops during these BLM / Antifa rallies on YouTube.

One would think all these triggered Karen’s were somehow coordinating their menstrual cycles so they all become unhinged at the same time.


7. Woke Liberal White Women Taunting Black Police Officers

In a video captured by The Daily Caller’s Henry Rodgers, a white woman is “racesplaining” to African-American police officers. Rodgers asked the unhinged woke liberal white woman “You’re white, and you’re telling this to two black police officers. Do you see the problem with that a little bit?”

Of course, she didn’t:

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