The New York Times never fails to disappoint as they go with another of their ludicrous headline trashing ‘Donald Trump as a racist.’ Their latest attempt comes after President Trump scrapped Obama’s never enforced ‘fair housing’ rules:

Trump Plays on Racist Fears of Terrorized Suburbs to Court White Voters

President Trump painted a false picture of suburbs under siege, saying he was protecting them from low-income housing, as he seeks to win over white voters who were key to his 2016 victory.

Without a doubt, the New York Times is on a mission to be even crappier than CNN

As we’ve seen with everything Trump. Pre January 20th, 2017, mainstream media outlets such as the New York Times conveniently forget everything they had written before the age of Trump.

In July 2015, here is how some of the most liberal outlets reported on then-President Obama unveiled his administration’s new requirement that cities and localities account for how they will use federal housing funds to reduce racial disparities or risk losing federal government dollars if they fail to comply.

July 2015 – The Washington Post published: A rundown of just how badly the Fair Housing Act has failed 

“As the Obama administration’s were planning to get serious about enforcing the nearly 50-year-old Fair Housing Act.”

A Brown University study found that the fair housing act that Obama was attempting to put a band-aid on was so pathetic that 90 percent of black and Latino Americans would have needed to move to white neighborhoods to create truly racially balanced communities.

July 2015 – The Atlantic published: Can Better Data Help Solve America’s Housing Problems?

“The Obama administration issues a new rule—and a mapping tool—that are designed to help communities address segregation.”

“Ever since the passage of the Fair Housing Act in 1968, the federal government has been obligated to try and foster inclusive, diverse communities. In practice, that means moving poor, black families into richer, white neighborhoods and providing grants for improving areas of concentrated poverty.”

Even the New York Times Editorial page downplayed Obama’s requirement that cities and localities account for how they will use federal housing funds to reduce racial disparities or face penalties if they fail.

The New York Times story essentially labeled it ‘just another political stunt,’ as it would require the Obama administration to do something no previous Democrat, or Republican administration would be willing to risk enforcing.

But of course, anything the mainstream media printed or said pre-January 20th, 2017, has been conveniently forgotten in the Trump era.

Two things that show the Democrats and their mainstream media cohorts hypocrisy:

        1. In 2015, not one mainstream media news outlet expressed the slightest outrage that Obama was threatening to hold back federal dollars to city’s that did not cooperate. Unlike how triggered they became after President Trump threatened the same consequences to sanctuary cities, that Obama proposed in his HUD directive.
        2. Unlike what the Democrats and the mainstream media were spewing about Portland in this week’s House AG Bill Barr hearing. In July 2015 neither one had any problem with Obama and the Feds telling Mayors on how they needed to run their city’s.