CBS Evening News was the only broadcast network to mention that Michael Flynn unmaskers had been exposed.

But shockingly, NOT SHOCKINGLY, CBS’s anti-Trump White House correspondent Paula Reid downplayed the significance of the three-page list of names.

She also stepped up to defend presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden, whose name appeared on the list.

In any other time in history, this story would be the lead news story, but this is the fake news media era. So, CBS tucked the latest Flynn case revelation into a one-minute brief following a coronavirus report very critical of President Trump.

Despite it being a felony, Reid downplayed the significance the whole Flynn unmasking

“Well, Margaret, unmasking is when a senior government official requests to know the identity of the U.S. citizen in an intelligence report. It’s something that happens thousands of times a year,” 

Reid eased into acknowledging that Biden’s name was among those who requested to unmask Flynn, and insinuated that those outraged by it were just toeing the Trump administration line.

“Now, on this list of approximately three dozen officials is former Vice President Joe Biden. And administration officials here at the Trump White House, they’re suggesting that Flynn was targeted in an effort to undermine President Trump,” 

Reid then leaned on comments from the opposition party, suggesting that it proved Flynn was a threat:

“But Democrats have pushed back on this and insisted that, in fact, this list illustrates how widespread the concern was about Flynn’s activities and that all of the appropriate laws were followed.”