Despite it being debunked over and over, he fake news media are still claiming President Trump didn’t take Coronavirus seriously, and he’s treating the coronavirus press briefings as though they were “a reality TV show,”

ABC and chief anchor George Stephanopoulos invited former Vice President Joe Biden onto This Week to stumble and bumble his way through another interview.

One of the softball questions Stephanopoulos tossed to Biden encouraged him to blame Trump for the deaths caused by the coronavirus.

Shockingly, NOT shockingly, Stephanopoulos steered clear of the recent sexual assault allegations made against Biden by Tara Reade.

Stephanopoulos: Is Trump Responsible For Coronavirus Deaths?

On the topic of the virus, the Former Clinton mouthpiece cited Joe Biden’s manipulated campaign videos that supposedly showed Trump calling the coronavirus a “Hoax.”

This led to Stephanopoulos attempting to get Joe Biden to blame Trump for the deaths of thousands of Americans due to being infected with COVID-19.

And your campaign videos have been quite tough on the President. You said his failures, his incompetence is going to cost lives, is that what’s happening now,”

Though Biden didn’t take the bait completely, he clumsily tried explaining that Trump was blocking those who lost their job due to the crisis from enrolling in ObamaCare.

“Well look, what I have been saying is that he’s moving too slow, the corona—the virus is not his fault. There’s— But the response is his responsibility,” 

Two of Stephanopoulos’s other coronavirus questions set up Biden to slam Trump’s concerns for the economy and concerns about instructing the public to wear masks, despite debate it could take masks from health care workers:

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Watch the Full 11-minute interview here