John Cusack at Bernie Sanders rally

Far left Hollywood actor John Cusack joined the growing list of climate alarmists like AOC and Beto who said the planet had only one decade left to stop global warming and the “predatory capitalism” or we’re doomed… DOOMED I TELL YOU!

“The billionaires are getting nervous and all the corporate media is – they hate us, they don’t hate us, they are confused. And it seems that every conceivable power structure on earth is trying to kill or derail our movement, but we are still there, “said Cucask in a speech introducing the presidential candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT ) during a campaign event in Exeter, New Hampshire.

“We know that this form of capitalism takes and takes; it takes everything, anytime, as it wants. It will take our lives, it will take our work, our mind, our air and our water, even our land, ”added Cusack. And Bernie respects us enough to tell the truth, the hard truth: we have a window of ten to twelve years to radically transform our energy systems, or climate change, predatory capitalism and endless war economies will deprive us of the right to any future at all. “

Although the warning of Cusask’s final judgment may sound bleak, his prime candidate for the White House has predicted an even more dire picture if solutions to climate change are not immediately sought.

During the Democratic presidential debate last November, Bernie Sanders said that major international cities would be under water “in the next eight or nine years” thanks to climate change:

“You talked about the need to make climate change a national emergency. I have tabled a law for this. Now, I don’t agree with the main idea of the original question because your question said, “What are we going to do in decades?” We don’t have decades, “said the Vermont Independent.” What scientists tell us, if we don’t get together in the next 8 or 9 years, we’re talking about cities around the world, big cities, who go underwater. “


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