NBC/Marist Poll giving Cuomo a 60% approval rating comes in spite of the fact that 6,000 elderly patients died due to Governor Cuomo ordering forcing elderly coronavirus infected patients sent back to ill-prepared nursing homes.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has gotten undeserved praise from many of the liberal biased mainstream media — including his brother Fredo on CNN for his response to the coronavirus outbreak in his state.

However, others, such as Fox News’ Janice Dean, who has reported on the facts, rather than their ‘Feeling’ have slammed the Cuomo for his disastrous nursing home policy which contributed to thousands of deaths.

For the 1st Time In NYC History, Dead People Didn’t Get To Vote

How could Cuomo’s NBC/Marist jump from 38% to 60%?

Amazingly after all the needless death from Coronavirus and Cuomo’s insane executive orders, his approval ratings soar… How could this be?

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One only has to look at the methodology of the Marist/NBC poll to get the answer to that question.

Of the 718 respondents, 52% were Democrats, 27% were Republicans, 23% were Independent voters.

NBC Marist Gov Cuomo approval rating

New York’s Liberal Logic Report Exonerates Andrew Cuomo

Hysterically, the Cuomo administration investigated themselves and found Cuomo’s policy wasn’t a “significant factor” in over 6,000 elderly deaths.

In case you were wondering what those ‘other factors‘ not named Cuomo his administration blamed for causing thousands of elderly New Yorkers to die from Coronavirus…

They blamed the family of those who died and the nursing home staff.