Ahmad Al Issa Is Named Boulder Shooter, Story Goes Away in 3…2…1

Ahmad Al Issa Is Named Boulder Shooter
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Ahmad Al Issa, the Boulder Colorado shooter sure sounds like a MAGA-Hat-wearing, confederate flag-waving, Trump-supporting, NRA member in good standing White Boy to me…Oh, Wait!

Of course, last night on Twitter, before his name was released, the liberal leftist pounced, tweeting their normal ‘feelings without facts’ idiocy.

Thousands of tweets, similar to the one below didn’t age well because they all centered around the Boulder shooter being a white Trump supporter.

Ahmad Al Issa 13

Every rainbow-loving Twitter user included one or all of these phrases/words in their mass-murdering diatribes.

  • White Boy (man)
  • NRA
  • Trump Supporters
  • White Supremacist
  • Confederate Flag
  • Second Amendment Loving Racists
  • MAGA and/or MAGA Flag Waving
  • They didn’t name it “Assualt-Rifle 15″ for nothing.

Ahmad Al Issa 14

Ahmad Al Issa Was Radicalized NOT BY TRUMP…But By The Democrats and Their Liberal-Biased Media Cohorts

Of course, when the Boulder police named ‘Ahmad Al Issa’ as the POS shooter, suddenly, but not unexpectedly, the left focused on only their AR-15 and NRA narrative.

Laughably, exactly like liberals did the first thing this morning after hearing the Boulder, Colorado’s mass shooter’s name was Ahmad Al Issa.

Facebook couldn’t run fast enough to scrubbed Ahmad Al Issa’s Facebook page.

But according to screenshots thankfully captured by Twitter users like Jewish Deplorable @TrumpJew2

It appears that Al Issa bought into the mainstream media’s liberal-bias Trump-hate, America is racist radical leftist propaganda.

Which undoubtedly contributed to his radicalization to the point of him becoming a mass-murdering POS.

Ahmad Al Issa 1 Boulder Colorado shooter 2 Boulder mass shooter Boulder Colorado mass killer Ahmad Al Issa 5 Ahmad Al Issa 6 Ahmad Al Issa 7 Ahmad Al Issa 8 Ahmad Al Issa 9 Ahmad Al Issa 10 Ahmad Al Issa 11 Ahmad Al Issa 12

Please note: TuskerDaily has a policy of not publicizing the name of mass murdering shooters.

Unfortunately, I’ll have to break this rule since the Boulder, Colorado shooter’s name is at the heart of the story.

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  1. So here is a raghead already on the FBI’s radar and he is a nut case, a felon and he buys a gun. DUH. If he’s not white and a friend of Trumps and they cannot go to his house at daylight with a SWAT Team, they just let him alone. WHEN is the FBI going to start doing their job, leave individuals alone that have no record of violence and Do what they are supposed to do? Protect Americans. This is ALL on the FBI’s head. Inspector. Wrey needs his ass reamed and fired as head of the FBI.

  2. I am saddened and angered by the racist comments made by Gerald S Ladd and Redbonejohn!! Referring to this radicalized Muslim, Ahmad al Issa, as a ‘sand nigger’ and ‘raghead’ does nothing to assist in identifying the true cause of Issa’s deranged, monstrous mass murder, that being the result of this mentally unbalanced individual being driven by the unrelenting spewing of “mainstream media’s leftist-bias Trump-hate, America is racist radical leftist propaganda” which has been encouraged and even promoted by a corrupt power-hungry Democrat Party !! In fact, such racist epithets imo, paint such commenters as being on the same page as those responsible for the false propaganda that ultimately resulted in the rampage by this sick ‘murderous POS’!!


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