Alan Dershowitz called John Durham’s indictment of former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith just the ‘Tip of Deep State Iceberg’

Alan Dershowitz appearing on Newsmax TV ravaged the Mainstream Media for their whitewashing of former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith’s pending guilty plea of making a false statement on a FISA application that led to the court giving the green light to Obama to illegally spy on the Trump campaign.

Dershowitz told Newsmax TV host Grant Stinchfield.

“What could be worse than an FBI agent altering a document in front of a court where you appear ex parte – that is the other side doesn’t have a chance to appear?” 

“So the court is relying completely on the credibility of the FBI agent and of the government and they change the words on an email to make it seem as if the guy wasn’t a source at all, when we know he was a source.”

Dershowitz also called out the liberal-biased media’s willingness to diminish the importance of special prosecutor John Durham’s investigation into Russiagate/Obamagate.

“I think the big story is how the media is handling it,” 

“The New York Times has a whole front-page analysis in which they say this not the tip of the iceberg, this is the iceberg itself – that this isn’t indicative of how deep the problem went.

“Totally, totally false.”

Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz found Clinesmith altered an email to say former Trump campaign aide Carter Page had not been a CIA source, when in fact he had been working with them.

This ultimately led to the FBI renewing a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant against Page while leaving exculpatory evidence out of their application. It led to the Obama administration’s further spying on the Trump campaign, the political rival.

Dershowitz concluded

“So this is the tip of a deep iceberg.”

“I hope the Mr. Durham, who has a reputation for integrity, will dig as deep as possible and find out how deep this problem goes. 

“I think it goes pretty deep.”