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Math Isn’t Hard…Unless Your Name Is Alyssa Milano

As TuskerDaily reported earlier President Donald Trump inched 800 votes closer to Joe Biden in the 2020 Presidential election after the still ongoing Georgia recount discovered around 2,600 ballots that mysteriously went uncounted in Pro-Trump Floyd county.

After reading CNN Jake Tapper’s tweet about Georgia’s 2020 Presidential election faux pas, La La Land liberal loony-toon Trump-hater Alyssa Milano pounced.

Now let’s remember this is the same Democrat mental midget who protected herself from COVID by wearing a crocheted mask.

Alyssa Milano Crochet Coronavirus Mask

As Tuskerdaily has reported on many occasions, Milano, like all Trump-Hating Hollywood Hypocrites can’t seem to comprehend anything penned past the headline.

However, what we failed to realize was the fact that despite Jake Tapper clearly stating a net gain of 800 votes for President Trump.

That endless black void Alyssa Milano calls a brain evidentially is also unable to process the second sentence of a tweet.

Apparently, Tapper’s grammatically correct tweet was far too much information for Milano’s noggin to assimilate since she tweeted…

Speaking of Alyssa Milano Pouncing…Two Can Play That Game


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