Alyssa Milano Tweetstorm Is ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ Crazy

Alyssa Milano Tweetstorm Is 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' Crazy
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Alyssa Milano went on a mental midget tweetstorm where she had lots of words.

Alyssa Milano Tweetstorm Highlights:

  • She hasn’t shaved her legs since March and of course, it’s all Donald Trump’s fault.
  • Alyssa Milano is jealous of Joe Rogan.
  • Calls Black Lives Matter, Racists Assholes…I think? After all, it’s Alyssa Milano spewing her word salad stupidity.
  • She paints her gray hair, brown.
  • Trump is solely responsible for all the world’s ills, and we do mean ALL THE WORLD’S ILLS.
  • Alyssa Milano confirms that even during a worldwide coronavirus pandemic, people still find time to call her names on Twitter.

Yes, it is, I voted for OUR President in 2016, and even if somehow I got drunk enough to become so delusional to believe your idiocy. It is, in fact, too late to change my vote.

Stop disparaging my New York Mets, they’re trying.

1…2…C Got it!

Actually it’s what is wrong with you? Since there’s no secret Police, and America is stocked up to its face-masks with PPE. Learn to Google.

Thanks for confirming that Donald Trump’s not a racist since ‘Orange is the new Black’

Wait. What? Is Alyssa Milano saying BLM are still racist assholes?

Well, Blame Obama, President Trump just followed his lead.

Let’s put aside that Native Americans didn’t have a problem with the name ‘Washington Redskins.’ I assume now that they have changed their name…Racisms over, yippee!

Just spit-balling here… Joe Rogan being more intelligent, having more interesting conversations, and booking better guests may have something to do with it.

Unless your name starts with ‘Tara‘ and ends with ‘Reade‘.

Well, every 5-year-old not employed by CNN and not named Don Lemon

Maybe, because other parents forbid their kids to go near any children with d-list Hollywood mental midget mom’s.

Also, thanks for confirming the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in your family.

Guess Alyssa Milano doesn’t give a F**K about all those starving kids in Africa.

Because, as everyone knows you have to be a rocket scientist to figure out those home hair coloring kits… Oh, wait.

Hmm, may have figured out why your husband isn’t interested in date night… Hint: It’s not coronavirus.

So Trump is guilty of everything bad in the world, wow, before January 20th, 2017 the world must have been perfect. Except, of course, those BLM riots in 2015 but what else can you expect from those racist assholes.

No worries, once COVID-19 is eradicated, we will still find time to call you horrible things.

Just in the nick of time, my aspirin bottle is shocking, NOT shockingly empty.


My eyes are bleeding, and my toes tingle from lack of oxygen caused by my brain trying to shut down in a failed attempt to commit suicide, but otherwise Okie Dokie.

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