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There are ten countries that have more than 100 confirmed cases of the coronavirus, but the United States has the smallest infection rate per capita of all of them by a significant margin.

According to figures provided by the World Health Organization (WHO), the ten countries with 100 or more cases, as of Thursday, are as follows:

    1. China: 80,523 cases
    2. South Korea: 5,766
    3. Italy: 3,089
    4. Iran: 2,922
    5. Japan: 317
    6. France: 282
    7. Germany: 262
    8. Spain: 198
    9. United States: 129
    10. Singapore: 110

Taking population into account:

  • The United States has a per capita coronavirus infection rate of 0.0000388 percent.
  • The next highest per capita infection rate is Japan’s, which, at 0.0002526 percent, is eight times higher than the United States’ rate.
  • South Korea and China have the highest per capita infection rates at 0.0111237 percent and 0.0057763 percent respectively.

Last month health experts begrudgingly admitted that Trump’s strategy for dealing with the outbreak saved lives.

Trump was quick to ban travel with China, despite opposition from the World Health Organization and Democrats such as Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

Chuck Schumer Coronavirus Trump tweet

President Trump has also had to deal with Democrats shamelessly politicizing the outbreak, even though Trump’s response to the coronavirus has been far more effective than Obama’s was for the H1N1 virus.

As we just reported today, MSNBC Joy Reid disgustingly said “Trump supporters will ignore their children’s symptoms, and send them off to school where they can infect “your kids.”

Watch The Video Here: Joy Reid Spews Trump-Hate Coronavirus Children Conspiracy

As we also reported last week President Obama didn’t declare the H1N1 virus a national emergency until 6-months after it became clear that the H1N1 virus / Swine Flu was already spreading worldwide.

By the time Obama declared a national emergency over 1,000 Americans had died, 20,000 people hospitalized and millions of people in the United States [had] been infected.

The number of cases and the infection rate for coronavirus are likely to increase, but it’s clear from these numbers that unlike ‘Obama’s wait and see strategy’ Trump’s proactive approach to contain the spread of infection has been extraordinarily effective, and he deserves credit for that.

Of course, the hate-America Democrats will have none to offer.

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