The COVID-19 vaccine can’t come soon enough as the US reportedly hit a record of single-day Coronavirus deaths on Wednesday — topping 3,000 for the first time.

The grim milestone, reported by the Washington Post, comes as cases in the country have been soaring.

Also as of Wednesday, an average of over 200,000 Americans per day was testing positive for COVID-19 — another record.

The nationwide spike — with nearly every state reporting surges — is likely to worsen the impending Holiday gatherings.

COVID-19 Vaccine

But some positive news seems to be on the horizon as the Food and Drug Administration says Pfizer’s vaccine is strongly protective against COVID-19.

The FDA added the vaccine appeared safe in the agency’s initial review, setting the stage for potential US approval within days.

Per capita, the US has the 11th-highest number of coronavirus deaths in the world — or a rate of 877.63 per 1 million people, according to Statista.

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