A Syracuse-area man who had been quarantining in Mexico during the coronavirus pandemic was fatally shot along with his physical-education girlfriend when gunmen opened fire on their Jeep.

Pat Landers, 32, of upstate Baldwinsville, and his gal pal Karla Baca were driving along a street in Juarez on Monday in the vehicle with New York plates when at least 20 bullets were fired at them, the Daily Mail reported, citing KTSM.

Landers met Baca on a trip to Texas several months ago, according to Adam Howe, a friend of Landers’. Howe said he liked to travel to Las Vegas and other areas in the south because of the warm weather.

Howe said the last time they spoke was just a few days ago when Landers said he was trying to learn more Spanish — and joked that if he ate any more churros, he’d be fatter than him.

Much of what Landers’ friends know has about the shooting come from the media in Mexico.

LaBarge said he learned of Landers’ death when his sister texted him a news article about the shooting.

After Howe found out about Landers’ death, he said he spent all of Tuesday crying. Landers was supposed to be a groomsman in Howe’s wedding in July.

“He really meant a lot to me,” Howe said.

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