On Joe Biden’s first full day as President of The United States, the Biden administration has already begun, spinning the facts in order to spew some Obama-like Joe Biden BS.

It took less than 24-hours for the Biden administration to start selectively choosing which numbers from the Trump administration to use in order to prop up Biden’s supposed ‘full-scale war-time effort‘ to beat back the coronavirus pandemic.

On Thursday, President Joe Biden bellowed ‘This is a wartime undertaking,’ as he laid out efforts to produce 100 million COVID-19 vaccine doses in his first 100 days.

Hysterically, America’s bravest, boldest, and most honorable President since Abraham Lincoln, well, at least that’s how the mainstream media is playing it.

Snapped at a reporter when questioned about his supposedly ambitious goal of reaching 100 million COVID0-19 shots, being nearly identical to what the trajectory the Trump administration was already on.

When asked by a reporter whether the 100 million-shot goal was sufficient. Biden shot back:

‘When I announced it, you all said it’s not possible. Come on, gimme a break man!’ 

Later, at a White House briefing, when pressed on the figure being just 3 million more doses than the trajectory the Trump administration is already set to produce.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki defended the Biden administration’s duplicity.

Psaki claimed that the Trump administration provided 36 million doses and pushed out 17 million shots, or about 500,000 per day.  

‘What we are proposing is to double that to about 1 million shots per day. We have outlined this goal and objective in coordination and consultation with our health and medical experts,’ 

While her numbers are accurate, the Biden administration selectively cited the numbers that the Trump administration had achieved in the past month.

The part that Psaki and Biden conveniently overlooked is the fact that with a second vaccine now being available, and production of both vaccines having already ramped up.

The trajectory for the number of CIVID-19 vaccine doses produced was already on a path to reach 97 million doses. This equates to nearly the identical 1 million shots per day within Biden’s supposedly “ambitious 100-day goal.”

Media Gushes About Joe Biden BS

The media spent a majority of Thursday’s declaring that President Biden’s ‘Bold’ COVID-19 plan would rescue America from Donald Trump’s pandemic incompetence.

The media’s over-the-top rhetoric is somewhat ironic being that TuskerDaily just reported according to the latest polling data, America’s trust in the news media reporting has reached an all-time low. 

Even more ironic is the fact that while the news media praised Biden for his heroic efforts in his quest to produce more COVID-19 vaccine doses.

The mainstream media vilified Trump, labeling him a lying huckster for pledging to create a COVID-19 vaccine by the end of 2020.

Despite President Trump pulling off what the news media declared would have been a ‘Medical Miracle,’ if he was able to keep his promise, they’ve yet to credit him for fulling his pledge.

Watch our video showing the media experts lambasting Trump because they 100% knew he couldn’t produce a COVID-19 vaccine by the end of 2020.


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