Biden’s Latest Excuse For America’s Migrant Crisis Is A Doozy

Texas Democratic Blasts Biden For Not Visiting Border Crisis He Created
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On Monday, the Biden administration rolled out its latest liberal logic for America’s migrant crisis and it’s a doozy. Hint: It wasn’t caused by Joe Biden’s disastrous border policies.

Homeland Security chief Alejandro Mayorkas insists that there is no migrant crisis, but merely a challenge.

But Mayorkas went on…if there is a migrant crisis…Then it’s all Trump’s fault’

America’s Migrant Crisis? What Crisis?

The moment Joe Biden was announced the winner of the 2020 Presidential election, thousands of minors, mostly from Central America, started traveling for weeks without their parents to enter the United States illegally.

Despite what TuskerDaily reported last week about US Border Patrol Agents being overwhelmed by the massive surge of migrants trying to illegally enter along America’s Southern Border.

But Mayorkas insists “It’s no crisis.”

If the Biden administration wants to ignore the Migrant Crisis then so be it.

But how can they ignore that this migration leaves these kids vulnerable to rapists, coyotes, and human traffickers along the thousand-plus-mile journey?

Or the fact that if these unaccompanied children do make it to the U.S. border the Biden administration immediately throws them into forced detention centers and locks them up in those so-called “kids in cages” enclosures that the Obama/Biden administration built.

Even more idiotic is how Mayorkas describes these unaccompanied migrant children’s “loving parents” who are sending 9-year-olds off into this madness:

“We are not apprehending a 9-year-old child who’s come alone, who has traversed Mexico, whose parents — whose loving parents — had sent that child alone, we are not expelling that 9-year-old child to Mexico”

Mayorkas also stated that he rejects the Trump “remain in Mexico” policy, which Biden has since done away with.

So essentially Mayorkas is telling the “coyote” smugglers and everyone else in the sordid chain that America’s doors are wide open: Come on in, we won’t stop you.

This summer’s surge was already expected to exceed the similar nightmare seen under President Barack Obama, which, of course, led to Trump pulling off the greatest political upset in 2016.

It was only the fact that then-President Donald Trump found ways to greatly mitigate the migrant crisis by working with Mexican and Central American governments.

But clearly, with Alejandro Mayorkas spouting this nonsense, America has now, for all intents of purposes, signaled to the world the US now has an open border policy.


But saving the best for last Mayorkas claimed, if there is indeed a migrant crisis then it’s all on Trump:

“He [Trump] dismantled our nation’s immigration system in its entirety.”

Of course, this is just classic Joe Biden BS.

Former President Donald Trump boosted border resources while using diplomacy to stem the tide.

Trump also dismantled the Obama policies that triggered the migrant crisis mess in the first place, which took President Joe Biden less than 30-days to reimplement.

Over Joe Biden’s first month as President, he’s done nothing more than regurgitating all of Barack Obama’s failed policies.

But the one true difference between 2009 and 2021 is, Joe Biden has America going downhill even faster than it did under Obama.

Joe Biden has taken another page out of ‘My Buddy Barack’s playbook…blaming all his failures on his predecessor.

If Donald Trump does indeed run for President in 2024, as he implied at last weekend’s CPAC.

Then rest assured history will repeat itself once again.

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