Amy Klobuchar Laughably Drops Out of Biden VP Contention

Amy Klobuchar Laughably Drops Out of Joe Biden VP Contention
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On May 30th Tusker Daily exclusively reported that our source inside the Bernie Sanders campaign told us that Democrat Sen. Amy Klobuchar was out of the running to be Joe Biden’s VP choice.

This is what reported on May 30th:

According to the same source that allowed us to be the first to report that Bernie Sanders was pulling out of the 2020 Democratic Presidential race. 

Our source is now telling us that Amy Klobuchar is out of the running to be Joe Biden’s Vice-presidential pick.

According to our source, three things torpedoed any chance for Amy Klobuchar to become Clueless Joe’s diaper changing VP.

    1. Amy Klobuchar’s May 20th tweet ridiculing President Trump for promoting Hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for the Coronavirus. But the very next day an audiotape went viral of Klobuchar admitting that her husband, John Bessler, who had become deathly ill after contracting the Coronavirus, at the last minute was prescribed hydroxychloroquine by his doctor and has since made a miraculous recovery.
    2. While this was not her doing. Joe Biden’s “You Ain’t Black” was a game-changer for Klobuchar nevertheless. Biden’s Blunder caused a great deal of anguish between Clueless Joe and the black community. Since Amy Klobuchar couldn’t get any whiter if she bathed herself in bleach, she was essentially done for.
    3. But the final nail in Amy Klobuchar’s VP coffin came after former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin horrifically murdered George Floyd. Records from 2006 when Amy Klobuchar was a Hennepin County prosecutor showed that she refused to prosecute the very same POS Derek Chauvin for being part of a group of six officers who fatally shot 42-year-old, African-American Wayne Reyes.

Knowing she had the same chance at becoming Joe Biden’s VP as Biden remembering what state he’s in.

On Wednesday the brave, and bold Senator from Minnesota Amy Klobuchar appeared on ‘The Last Word‘ with MSNBC’s resident manic mental midget Lawrence O’Donnell.

Klobuchar, kneeling in submission to the liberal Democrats ‘God of Wokeness,’ hysterically proclaimed that she was willingly sacrificing herself to the mob by withdrawing her name from any consideration to be Biden’s running mate:

“I think this is a moment to put a woman of color on that ticket.”

Of course, Amy Klobuchar declared that the way to heal this nation, ‘America must elect a woman of color as Vice President.’

I assume America electing an African-American President of the United States, not once, but twice, just wasn’t enough.

Because, despite being black, and Obama going on to become one of the worst President’s America had ever had the misfortune to elect POTUS.

The bottom line is Barack Obama was still part of the evil male patriarchy.

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