CNN’s Anderson Cooper

CNN’s Anderson Cooper kicked off his show on Monday blasting Donald Trump, suggesting the President  was lying and “gaslighting.”


With the release of the Inspector General’s report exposing FBI misconduct in pursuing the Trump campaign under the suspicion of Russian influence, the liberal media were more interested in bashing President Trump than criticizing the abuses of the FBI.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper kicked off his show on Monday doing just that, suggesting President Trump was lying and “gaslighting.”

Cooper began the show by declaring the IG report was “a stunning rebuttal of virtually everything that President Trump has said again and again for years about what he calls the Russia hoax;” in addition to promoting how a lawyer for House Democrats described Trump “as a clear and present danger to free and fair elections.”

“The Inspector General’s report also identified significant errors in how the FBI conducted what became known as Crossfire Hurricane,” he reluctantly admitted. “However, the headline is that it debunks allegations like these.” Cooper then played a series of soundbites of the President denouncing the FBI’s Russia investigation.

Suggesting he was “keeping [Trump] honest,” Cooper asserted: “What he said is not true there. The report details the ways in which none of that is true. And just for the record, even after receiving the Inspector General’s report the President has continued saying these things.”

He further insisted Trump “mischaracterized what is in the actual report painting it as a vindication instead of the indictment it actually is, the indictment of what he has been saying. Keeping them honest, the word for it is gaslighting.”

From there, Cooper read a series of cherry-picked quotes from the report to help defend the out of control FBI. “In short, no spying, no political bias, no witch hunt, no traitors, just human beings doing their best and sometimes falling far short against what they had reason to believe was a serious threat to the country,” he argued on their behalf.


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