Andrea Mitchell Latest Russian Conspiracy

After years of Andrea Mitchell regurgitating the Democrats Russian Collusion Delusion Kool-Aid, and her more recently spewing weeks of Chinese Coronavirus propaganda.

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell climbed back aboard the “Russia, Russia, Russia” Liberal Loony Toon express to Trump-Hate Fantasyland.

Andrea Mitchell and former FBI Assistant Director for Counterintelligence and current MSNBC contributor Frank Figliuzzi declared, without any evidence, that Russian President Vladimir Putin had something to do with the Justice Department’s decision dropping all charges against President Trump’s former national security adviser General Michael Flynn.

After Mitchell using every ounce of liberal logic, breathlessly summarized the “stunning” and “unprecedented” decision on Flynn.

After Andrea Mitchell reported that something sinister happened in the Thursday phone call between President Trump and Putin, she turned to Figliuzzi to keep her delusional ball rolling:

“Frank, first, all of the implications here, and the fact that he then called Vladimir Putin yesterday, and according to the White House announcement of this and description of it, there was no mention of the Russia probe and the election probe. But the president himself discussed that with Vladimir Putin, and the facts that in his view now that the Russian hoax was disspelled, they could get back to business.”

Andrea Mitchell Spews Her Latest Putin’s Puppet Stupidity

Of course, President Trump wasn’t aware of the facts exposed by Newly-released transcripts that now prove that the Obama FBI and other top Obama officials had admitted under oath that there was no evidence of Russia collusion.

Nor was there any evidence to investigate, let alone prosecute former National Security Adviser Flynn.

President Trump SLAMS Adam Schiff A “Sick, Sick Man With A 9 Inch Neck”

At a round-table discussion with several members of Congress yesterday, President Trump’s disgust that Democrats had shamelessly lied to the world about the Russia hoax was clearly evident.

President Trump also lambasted the FBI, the Democrats, and especially repugnant Rep. Adam Schiff who he believes they gleefully destroyed the career and life of three-star Lieutenant General Michael Flynn.

Why? President Trump believes it was all part of the left’s ruthless power grab and their attempted coup against the duly elected President of the United States:

“This is a corrupt deal, and we caught them cold. Tremendous dishonesty from Schiff and others.

These are not stupid people. They know it was a hoax. They know better than anyone in this room that it was a hoax. They set it up.

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