Andrew Cuomo Takes His COVID Coverup Gaslighting To Its Extreme

Andrew Cuomo Continues His COVID Coverup

Somebody needs to tell New York Governor Andrew Cuomo that it’s time to stop traveling further down his COVID coverup rabbit hole.

During Cuomo’s Friday news conference the liberals Emmy Award-winner, Cuomo deflected and denied he tried to coverup New York’s COVID nursing home death toll data.

Andrew Cuomo Blames COVID Coverup On The “Void”

At Friday’s Press Conference Andrew Cuomo even provided a picture of the supposed “Void” in his PowerPoint presentation.

It looked like a black hole in space, which ironically could also have been a picture of what an x-ray would capture if directed at Cuomo’s noggin.

The only void at work here is one of competent leadership. 

Cuomo refuses to answer any straightforward questions about his own attorney general’s report showing he undercounted deaths.

He also refuses to address an admission by his staff that the numbers were hidden on purpose.

Cuomo may be living in a sci-fi fantasyland where he did nothing wrong and the Trump administration was out to get him, but increasingly even the Democrats aren’t buying it.

Democrats Kick Andrew Cuomo To The Curb

Andrew Cuomo must realize by now that his COVID coverup gig is up when even the Democrats’ simpleminded socialist start heaving him overboard.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez became the latest in a cavalcade of Cuomo’s party mates to call for an end of his emergency powers and an investigation.

Assemblyman Ron Kim lambasted Andrew Cuomo as a machine politician in a post-machine political era. Kim ripped into Cuomo saying ‘He thinks he can just bully Democrats’.

Even New York City’s dimwitted Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio jumped into the fray of Andrew telling MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Mika Brzezinski that Cuomo’s “bullying” of Assemblyman Ron Kim is abhorrent and “I believe him [Kim].”

Andrew Cuomo Is Determined To Go Down In Flames

Cuomo says he is going to take on the lies, which is ironic since he’s the only one who is lying.

If not for the thousands of elderly New Yorkers’ deaths that Copmo’s COVID order had caused. It would have been laughable watching Como’s shriek that the lies are “causing the pain to families who lost a loved one.”

Andrew Cuomo Void Of Information

Cuomo’s temerity isn’t just shocking…It’s next-level gaslighting.

Watching the DemocRATS abandon his sinking ship, one thing is certain Cuomo’s COVID coverup game is up.

With more evidence coming out each day proving that his administration knowingly lied.

The reign of Andrew Cuomo will end sooner rather than later.

The only question still remaining to be answered is how long New York Governor Andrew Cuomo can continue to delude himself into thinking this will all just go away.



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