Cringeworthy video Alert: Andrew Cuomo challenging a female journalist to “eat the whole sausage” in front of him at the 2016 New York State Fair has resurfaced on social media — amid allegations the governor sexually harassed former staffers.

“I want to see you eat the whole sausage,” the Democratic governor is heard telling then-NewsChannel 9 reporter Beth Cefalu, as his daughter Michaela sits quietly next to him, according to the cringeworthy video shared by journalist Matt Binder.

“I don’t know if I should eat the whole sausage in front of you, but I’m definitely going to eat it,” responds Cefalu, now a reporter and anchor at News 12 Westchester.

Cuomo then invites Cefalu — who snaps a selfie with him while holding up her plate — to sit at his table.

“There’s too much sausage in that picture,” Cuomo says in the cringeworthy exchange, prompting laughter from other diners.

Cringeworthy Video Alert

Users quickly slammed Cuomo for his “creepy” and “cringey” interaction with the woman in light of the recent sexual harassment allegations.

“It’s almost like he’s sexually harassing her in front of everybody and they’re just okay with it, probably because they’re used to it,” one user said.

“His daughter looks so uncomfortable! Ew!!!” another user wrote.

A third said: “When creepy met cringe.”

Cuomo Blames His Sexual Harassment on ‘Workplace Jokes’

The Cringeworthy Video footage resurfaced as Gov. Andrew Cuomo tried to explain away allegations of sexual harassment as “jokes” that were misinterpreted as “unwanted flirtation” 

Cuomo said in a prepared statement:

“At work sometimes I think I am being playful and make jokes that I think are funny. I do, on occasion, tease people in what I think is a good natured way,” 

Cuomo’s ‘Sorry, Not Sorry’ excuse comes a day after former staffer Charlotte Bennett, 25, alleged to the New York Times that the governor made a series of inappropriate remarks that left her convinced he “wanted to sleep with” her.

That claim, in turn, came less than a week after another former staffer, Lindsey Boylan, who as TuskerDaily reported first revealed Cuomo’s sexual harassment in December 2020, alleging that Cuomo kissed her on the lips without warning.

Meanwhile, Cuomo agreed to let state Attorney General Letitia James appoint an outside investigator into the growing scandal.

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