New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo continued the Democrats using the COVID vaccine as political cannon fodder as he lectured churchgoers at a Riverside Church on the racist inequities of the Trump administration’s vaccine distribution plan.

New York’s dimwitted Democrat governor blasted President Trump’s distribution plan as discriminatory and of course, ‘racist’.

Cuomo went so far threaten to bring legal action in order to stop President Trump’s evil white supremacist’s plan to save New Yorkers from COVID-19.

NY’s Mental Midget Governor Andrew Cuomo Screeched:

“If the Trump administration does not change this plan and does not provide an equitable vaccine process . . . we will bring legal action to protect New Yorkers.

I’m not going to allow New Yorkers to be bullied or abused,”

Cuomo added that he is enlisting his own panel of experts to review any vaccine approved by the Trump administration.

I have a sneaky suspicion that Cuomo’s panel will include the same mentally challenged Democrat dimwits that exonerated Andrew Cuomo from the 6,500 deaths that the New York Governor was directly responsible for after he ordered hospitals to send elderly COVID-19 patients to ill-prepared nursing homes.

Cuomo Plays The Democrats COVID Vaccine Race Card

Cuomo argued that the Trump administration’s ‘Operation Warp Speed‘ COVID vaccine distribution plan supposedly discriminates against minority and poor communities that have already been disproportionately battered by the deadly pandemic.

The governor shrieked on Sunday that Trump’s plan relies on private doctors and hospitals and pharmacies to distribute the life-saving vaccine — all of which he declared is more limited in minority neighborhoods compared to white ones.

“We can’t compound the racial injustice that COVID already created,” Cuomo said in bashing Trump’s distribution plan and pointing out that minorities’ coronavirus infection and hospitalization rates have been more than two and a half times those of whites, while black and Hispanic death rates are at least 1.5 times greater.

The governor vowed to “enlist community groups, faith-based groups … medical teams, outreach teams’’ to distribute the immunization in poor neighborhoods.

“New York will mobilize an army to vaccinate all New Yorkers fair and equitably,’’ Cuomo said. “No state will do it better.’’

Of course, earlier this year when COVID started ravaging NY, Cuomo stated that ‘No state shall deal with the Coronavirus pandemic better than New York’.

Judging by how his state is leading the nation with 33,540 COVID deaths, I must assume Cuomo was speaking about New York State’s mortuaries.

Cuomo’s COVID Vaccine Feelings Aren’t Facts

Despite NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo screeching the Trump administration’s COVID Vaccine distribution plan “intentionally” burdens minorities, the fact remains that it does no such thing.

In fact, the Trump administration COVID vaccine distribution playbook states the complete opposite of Cuomo’s racist rhetoric:

“The first step in planning is to identify and estimate the critical populations within a jurisdiction.”

“People with limited access to routine vaccination services” and “people at increased risk of acquiring or transmitting COVID-19,” including those “from racial and ethnic minority groups” and “tribal communities,” as well as those incarcerated or “experiencing homelessness/living in shelters.”

President Trump’s Coronavirus vaccine distribution plan also emphasizes collaboration with state and local authorities — so Andrew Cuomo can guide distributions in any way he sees fit…and all without him having to run to court.

Maybe Andrew Cuomo bought into all the fake news media hype that declared him a hero for the spectacular job he did battling the pandemic. And now Cuomo has become so drunk on power that he believes spewing even more Trump fallacies will make him appear even more heroic.

Of course, Cuomo’s disgraceful COVID Vaccine lies only make Andrew Cuomo look even more pathetic than he normally appears.