Andy Ngo Shows What A Lying POS Portland Mayor Ted Wheeling Truly Is

As we reported earlier this week, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler tried his best to appease the BLM, Antifa mob and wound up getting exactly what he deserved…A face full of tear-gas

Wheeler tried to proclaim what a wonderful enlightening evening he had, as he leisurely strolled amongst his peaceful protesting brethren.

Of course, Teddy left out the part where he was surrounded by his very own personal paramilitary force.

As Editor-at-large Andy Ngo tweets Portland’s pathetic mayor is nothing more than another liberal lying TDS infected POS politician.

Maybe someday soon, Ted Wheeler will realize he could bend the knee to his Black Lives Matter masters until he blowns out his ACL, and he will still never come close to appeasing these BLM, Antifa terrorist.

However, as the liberal progressive Democrat playbook mandates, despite BLM rioters lambasting his buffoonish arse.

As Portland’s Liberal progressive Democrat Mayor Wheeler he’s obligated to subject himself to the BLM, Antifa threats in order to post his lies about how wonderful these peaceful protesters were.

It’s simply amazing, that Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler is willing to risk life and limb in order to post his BS in a lame attempt to disparage President Trump for sending in federal agents into his city to help quell the violence that he ignores.

Here’s what Ted Wheeler, Portland’s Clown-World Mayor  Posted:

And in ‘listen’ Wheeler meant ‘to all the expletives and insults’ Portland’s peaceful protesters hurled his way as his 5-man security team pushed the moronic mayor through the angry mob.

Andy Ngo shows that, yes indeed, Mayor Wheeler sure did experience something “powerful”:

Here’s Some Of Ted Wheeler’s BLM Antifa Terrorists Peacefully Protesting.

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