Anne Hathaway Sends Cancel Culture Crusaders After Filmmaker Christopher Nolan

La La Land Liberal Anne Hathaway sent the cancel culture crusaders on a quest to lop the head off of Hollywood Filmmaker Christopher Nolan because he doesn’t allow chairs on the set.

Oh, the humanity!

The director’s name came up during a webchat for Variety’s ‘Actors on Actors’ on Monday, in which stars Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman discussed the style of various filmmakers, eventually coming to rules on set, with Hathaway noting that Nolan allows neither phones nor chairs.

Christopher Nolan Stars In ‘Cancel Culture Wars’

The liberal leftist mob nearly hyperventilate upon hearing of Nolan’s cruel and barbaric rules which the leftist loons immediately declared Nolan not allowing chairs “IS RACIST!”

Despite the two actors agreeing about Nolan’s no cell phone rule. Hugh Jackman seemed utterly shocked upon hearing about this supposed ‘No Chairs Rule.”

Hathaway stated: “Chris also doesn’t allow chairs. I worked with him twice, his reasoning is, if you have chairs, people will sit, and if they’re sitting, they’re not working.”

This, of course, leads me to believe Anne Hathaway more than likely only imagined this rule or Nolan’s edict was in place just for her lazy chair sitting ass.

Nevertheless, feelings are far more important to the cancel culture twittering twits and they weren’t going to take Christopher Nolan’s racist, and offensive attitude toward people with disabilities sitting down.

Yes, because in the age of COVID-19, the left has made clear that anything they don’t like is now “Risking Your Life.”


Of course, liberal logic dictates that while going to the movies is ‘risking your life,’ participating in BLM/Antifa’s anarchist rioting, looting, and arson is completely safe and fun for all.

This he/she twittering Twit should have just stopped after the first sentence… But nope.

Ahh, the la la land liberals and their dimwitted followers, they truly are the group that can make a mountain out of a molehill.


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