ANTIFA Terrorists taking a break from their nightly rioting, looting, and arson in Portland, brought their violence to Oregon’s capital of Salem, attacking Americans displaying an American Flag.

Despite the Democrats’ mainstream media cohorts whining about supposed right-wing extremists threatening whomever, or whatever they’ve declared as their ‘outrage flavor of the month’.

The media continually miss reporting on actual leftist radicals like ANTIFA who nightly roam the streets of Seattle, Portland, and Salem causing mayhem and destruction.

ANTIFA Terrorists Target American Flag

On Sunday ANTIFA anarchists thugs descended on Oregon’s capital of Salem and started destroying vehicles as well as targeting anyone with the audacity to fly an American flag.

“Antifa smashes up more vehicles at the riot at the Oregon State Capitol.,” Andy Ngo tweeted. “They’re targeting any vehicle that displays a US flag.”

American Flag Triggers ANTIFA Terrorists

That tweet was a follow-up to Andy Ngo’s earlier reports of the same ANTIFA Terror group wreaking havoc.

“Antifa smashes up a man’s truck at the Oregon State Capitol in Salem,” Ngo tweeted. “He pulls out a gun and is arrested by responding police.”

Another angle of the man who was arrested. Antifa Terrorists had vandalized his truck, surrounded him, and pepper-sprayed him. #AntifaRiots

“Another angle of the man who was arrested. #Antifa had vandalized his truck, surrounded him, and pepper-sprayed him,” Ngo tweeted.

“F*** you, Proud Boy,” one of the miscreants yelled after pepper-spraying the man.

Antifa terrorists attacked other people on Sunday.

The Salem police earlier responded to the ANTIFA terrorist threat.

There were other attacks on vehicles by ANTIFA Terrorists.

One thing you can be sure of if this were a “far-right” or the media’s supposed “white supremacist” group.

They would have labeled it a terrorist attack by MAGA hat-wearing Trump supporters, followed up by an hour’s worth of rehashing the Jan. 6 Capitol Hill attack.

Not to mention Oregon sending in the National Guard to immediately end the violence with Oregon’s Democrat Governor Kate Brown on TV screeching about needing to protect the lives of innocent residents from this unwarranted attack by Trump’s band of thugs.

But since it’s ANTIFA Terrorists that are causing all the violence and destruction. As TuskerDaily reported on numerous occasions concerning the ANTIFA violence in Portland.

Oregonians will get their daily dose of Crickets from Governor Kate Brown!


  1. I will run the ANTIFA Cowards over and may go around the block and make another run at them ! They ARE TERRORISTS ! “F’em ALL “

  2. and yet ‘oregon’ police still want AMERICAN VICTIMS OF THEIR FAILURES TO ENFORCE LAWS to ‘back the blue’….


    …. FIRST! ?

    Your ‘oath’ was TO THE LAW ABIDING CITIZENS’ yet you PROVE 100% of your ‘protection’ goes to the criminals and murderers.

  3. It is time to end ANTIFA on the battlefield. They need to be confronted and terminated with malice. They do not respect anyone including the police we are therefore required to defend ourselves against these vigilante fascists in order to preserve our democratic republic. Failure on this front as well as the BLM front will surely lose us our freedoms. Keep your powder dry and your flag high.

  4. They say that violence will get you nowhere but this is going to end violently and the Dems will have the blood on their hands. They will have it because they have let this situation get so far out of hand by not arresting and prosecuting these thugs. Sooner or later these morons will attack the wrong person and bodies will be left in the street and Dems will screech on TV about gun violence.


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