To ring in the New Year, San Francisco ANTIFA members vandalized Nancy Pelosi’s Pacific Heights mansion.

The presumed ANTIFA members left a pig’s head surrounded in a pool of red paint, as well as a spray-painted message directed at wanting everything.

So I can assume the police are looking for a couple of drugged up 20-year-olds, with little to no work history, and whose parents told them ‘I want you out of the basement by 2021’.

After receiving a 911 call, Police officers were dispatched to the stuttering alcoholic Speaker of the House Pacific Heights mansion, arriving on the scene around 3 am New Year’s Day.

The San Francisco Police Department has yet to issue a statement, so it’s unclear if there are any suspects. 

A photo of the bizarre scene was first shared on social media on Friday afternoon by conservative filmmaker Maggie VandenBerghe. 

It showed Pelosi’s white garage door defaced with black graffiti text reading: ‘$2k cancel rent! We want everything!’ 

The vandals also spray-painted the letter A enclosed in a circle.

The Circle A graffiti is most commonly used as the symbol for anarchism and is also closely associated with the domestic terrorist group ANTIFA

ANTIFA Circle A symbol

Underneath the woke message was a pool of red paint on the driveway with a pig’s head placed at the center of the pavement. 

Which, if I assume correctly. would mean the vandals want to see Police Officers killed.

stuttering alcoholic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi Pacific Heights mansion

This isn’t the first time Nancy Pelosi’s Pacific Heights Mansion Has Been Targeted. 

Back in September, as TuskerDaily reported, a Youtuber live-streamed himself pooping on the Stuttering Alcoholic’s driveway.

In the footage, the man was seen walking through the streets of San Francisco in search of the Democrat’s home. stuttering alcoholic Speaker of the House Pacific Heights mansion

Once he found her home, he set up a camera across the road and walked over to her driveway.   

Armando then saluted his viewers, pulled down his pants, and proceeded to do on her driveway what Nancy Pelosi has been doing to America for over three decades. 

After a few seconds, Armando got to his feet, wiped his arse, and as he walked away he could be heard saying ‘That was for President Trump’.

Nancy Pelosi poop on driveway



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