Only inside AOC’s black cavernous noggin can one be so ignorant as to take a narrowly focused suggestion for free Coronavirus testing by a Republican and then go shrieking “Glad to see Republicans advocating for socialized medicine.”


Of course, Democrats like AOC take anything a Republican says out of context and twist it to fit their delusional agenda.

Typically, the leftist loons take these out of context sound bites and then claim it as proof of how evil and uncaring the Republicans are. 

As an example whenever a pro-life Republican sounds off against the left advocating for infanticide.

Democrats will be quick to respond ‘Republicans are fighting against a woman’s right to make medical decisions over her body’.

Umm, No. Republicans are simply against a baby being murdered as he or she slip-n-slides it’s way out of their mother’s womb.

So when Rep. Ted Yoho (R-Fla.), knowing how the Democrats will twist his suggestion about providing all Americans free coronavirus testing said:

“You can look at it as socialized medicine, but in the face of an outbreak, a pandemic, what’s your options?”

Of course, it’s clear Rep. Yoho ‘free coronavirus testing’ is targeted toward one single disease, that the left has so politicized with their misinformation that American’s are now freaking out about our country having to combat a pandemic.

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But to take Rep. Yoho’s suggestion of ‘free coronavirus testing’ as him now advocating for socialized medicine is nothing short of liberal logic insanity.

After Huffington Post, Matt Fuller tweeted: 

“Truly stunning to hear some Republicans advocate for free Coronavirus testing and treatment for the uninsured. Rep. Ted Yoho (R-Fla.), one of the most anti-ACA members”

Of course, AOC pounced and twisted what Fuller wrote into: “It’s great to see Republicans understand this crisis & advocate for socialized medicine.”

Wait. What? Fuller never said one word about “Socialized Medicine”? Let alone any Republicans advocating for it.

It’s truly stunning how AOC made such a leap, but then again liberal logic can do amazing things.


But similar to when Republicans argue against Infanticide because Rep. Yoho suggested free coronavirus testing to ease the amount of anxiety this disease is causing all Americans.

Somehow inside that black hole that houses AOC’s one brain cell, she took him talking about a singular item, in this case, Coronavirus testing.

And twisted into Republicans are now advocating for Bernie Sanders 50 Trillion dollar medicare-for-all-idiocy.

As you are aware, Bernie Sanders with AOC by his simpleminded socialist side have been promoting for their unprecedented government takeover of the healthcare industry.

Even more frightening is the fact that under their government death panel healthcare takeover. Not only would it eliminate over a million American jobs, but it would also throw 180 million Americans off their private health insurance plans.

All for their promise that all your health care needs would now be ‘Free, NOT Free’.

So while Bernie’s Bros and AOC’s mental midget followers scream all your medical, dental, and vision would have “no premiums, no deductibles, no copays.”

The actual cost to taxpayers for their ‘Free, NOT Free‘ health care would amount to around $50 trillion just in the first decade.


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