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AOC has joined forces with The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) who want to turn New York City into a far-left paradise.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez the Democrats simpleminded Socialists and her communist cohorts are pushing to elect a slew of City Council candidates in order to create a “socialist caucus.”

The overwhelmingly Democratic council is vulnerable next year to a far-left push as 35 out of 51 council seats up for grabs next year sue to term-limits. Only 16 council members can run for re-election.

The strategy is all detailed in a 13-page “tasks and perspectives” strategic planning document that will be reviewed by DSA members this week.

A litmus test for candidates to obtain the DSA endorsement is a pledge to “defund” the NYPD — slashing the police budget by $3 billion or 50 percent.

“This campaign will be a key issue in the 2021 election cycle. NYC-DSA has already committed to making the call to defund [the NYPD] a central matter in its City Council endorsements and the socialist caucus it aims to build in advance of the 2022 budget,” the DSA steering committee plan says.

The DSA document complains that the already liberal Council and mayor this year “merely moved [NYPD] money around” when they adopted the current budget following protests over the deaths of unarmed black men during interactions with police, including George Floyd in Minneapolis.

The savings from the police cuts could be used to prevent the layoffs of teachers, EMTs and firefighters or fund youth and social service programs to attack the root causes of crime, the DSA. said.

DSA-member AOC has become the face of the Democratic Socialists movement in Congress and a national voice on the far left in American politics following her stunning victory over veteran congressman Joe Crowley in 2018. Her upset also forced Crowley to resign as chairman of the Queens Democratic Party.


AOC, and The Democratic Socialists of America’s agenda:

  • Eager to confront Gov. Andrew Cuomo and push the state Legislature to tax the rich to help fund the Green New Deal and New York Health Act, legislation that would create a government-run, single-payer health insurance system and to prevent state cuts in public services. “In the face of an austerity budget, many of our campaigns will lend their weight to a demand on the state government to tax the rich, putting us directly in the cross hairs of Andrew Cuomo. We welcome his hatred. Remaining resolute now is the time to expand the public sector, to provide social housing, public power [energy/utility supplier]….,” the plan says.
  • Using the COVID-related housing crisis to “cancel” rent, thus squeezing landlords of revenue and forcing them to give up their properties and “exit the market” — and having the state acquire the properties and convert it to public housing. Its housing agenda also includes “undermining” the real estate industry’s already diminished clout in the Democratic-run state Legislature.
  • DSA-backed candidates won five Democratic primaries for state legislative seats in June, four of its insurgents ousting incumbents. The document says incumbents’ “fear of being primaried” should make them more “accountable” or amenable to backing DSA priorities.
  • Increasing the DSA presence in three of the city’s largest public employee unions — District Council 37, United Federation of Teachers and the NYS Nurses’ Association.
  • Establishing deeper ties to the city’s working class, minority neighborhoods.
  • Defund the NYPD


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