AOC Rips Biden For Reopening ‘Kids in Cages’ Camp Fails To Mention ‘Concentration Camps’

AOC Rips Joe Biden Reopening Migrant 'Kids in Cages' Kiddie Kennel, But Fails To Mention 'Concentration Camps'
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AOC deserves credit for at least calling out the Biden administration for reopening a temporary ‘Kids In Cages’ center for unaccompanied minors in Carrizo Springs, Texas, and a shelter in Miami, Florida.

But in typical hypocrite Democrat, fashion Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stopped far short in her lambasting Joe Biden to the way she was screeching at President Donald Trump when he reopened Obama’s ‘Kids In Cages’ migrant Center.

AOC Missed Something During Her ‘Kids In Cages’ Biden Rant?


When Donald Trump was President and he reopened the exact same facilities originally built by Obama.

AOC jumped on her Twitter soapbox shrieking that Trump was running ‘Concentration Camps’ along America’s southern border.

Similar to what AOC did this week when she ran to Texas to have her photo taken next to the many Texan popsicles who suffered through days of sub-zero temperatures with no heat, food, or water.

In 2019, AOC, wearing a $3,000 outfit, flew down to the very same migrant children facility that Joe Biden just opened, for an over-the-top, meme producing, Trump is Hitler Photo-op.

Even more Hysterical, and damaging is the fact that Vice President Kamala Harris pandering to illegal immigrants when she was a Senator, has come back to bite her on her ginormous person of color ass.

Harris protested outside of the very same Texas facility in June 2019, shrieking:

‘This is not okay, never has been okay, never will be okay – no matter the administration or party,’ 

So far, despite the fact that it’s been over 24-hours since the story blew up, Kamala Harris has been laughably quiet.

WaPo Firefighters Comes To  Biden’s Kiddie Kennel Rescue 

As TuskerDaily reported yesterday, the Washington Post defended Biden’s decision to reactivated the emergency facility which can hold up to 700 children ages 13 through 17.

Essentially, WaPo claimed that since Trump kept ‘Kids In Cages,’ of course, they left out the part about the Obama/Biden administration building them.

But using every ounce of liberal logic author Aaron Blake possesses he declared that since Joe Biden is keeping these migrant kids in shipping containers then Biden’s Kiddie Kennel’ doesn’t compare to Trump’s locking ‘kids In Cages’.

Not even the White House carnival barker Jen Psaki could hide Biden’s glaring ‘Kids In Cages’ Hypocrisy

Idina Menzel’s ‘Kids In Cages’ tweet didn’t age well.

Lest we forget the one tweet posted On Nov 7th mere seconds after the media declared that Joe Biden has officially stolen…Dammit, I meant, legitimately won the Presidential election.

Not only didn’t it age well, it perfectly sums up the Democrats ‘Do As I Say, Not As I Do’ kiddie kennel hypocrite President, Joe Biden.

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