AOC Triggered By Kyle Rittenhouse Being Released on Bail: ‘Protection of white supremacy’

AOC, Kyle Rittenhouse
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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York) and other liberal leftists are outraged that Kyle Rittenhouse was released on $2 million bail, which AOC called an example of white supremacy in the justice system.

Ocasio-Cortez tweeted on Saturday: “Does anyone believe Rittenhouse would be released if he were Muslim & did the same thing in a diff context?”

AOC added that Rittenhouse’s expensive release is proof of “systematic racism,” according to the congresswoman.

“For people who say ‘systemic racism doesn’t exist,’ this is what it looks like: protection of white supremacy baked deep into our carceral systems,”

Ocasio-Cortez is far from the only outspoken liberal to use Rittenhouse’s release to push arguments about racism in the US’ justice system.

New York Times writer Wajahat Ali deemed Rittenhouse a “murderer made into a hero” following his release.

“White supremacy is the sickness of America,” he added.

AOC, Liberals Once Again Put ‘Feelings’ Ahead of ‘Facts’

Rittenhouse was fraudulently charged with first-degree murder over the fatal shooting of two armed Black Lives Matter/Antifa thugs during BLM’s rioting in Kenosha, Wisconsin over the summer.

Rittenhouse will appear back in court in December and maintains that he acted in self-defense, and there is video proof to back up his stance.

“I feel I had to protect myself,” he told The Washington Post about the shooting. “I would have died that night if I didn’t.”

Rittenhouse said he was carrying a gun for protection on the night of the shootings, but intended only to provide medical care for those who got injured during the demonstrations, as well as to protect businesses from looting and vandalism.

Tucker Carlson discusses the case with Kyle Ritthouse’s attorney John Pierce.

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