Ariel Young the innocent 5-year-old girl who was involved in a Missouri car crash involving former Kansas City Chiefs assistant coach Britt Reid just days before Super Bowl LV, likely suffered permanent brain damage, her family’s attorney said.

Ariel was hurt when  Britt Reid, who was driving near the team’s practice facility when he slammed into Young’s disabled Chevrolet Traverse that had Ariel and her sibling sitting in the back seat.

Ariel had been in her parent’s Chevrolet Traverse which had become disabled on the side of the highway when it was struck by Reid’s white Dodge Ram near the Chiefs practice facility at about 9 p.m. on Feb. 4, authorities reported.

Reid, who is the son of Chiefs head coach Andy Reid, allegedly told cops he’d had between two and three drinks and taken the prescription drug Adderall.

Ariel Young is still unable to speak

Tom Porto, who is representing Ariel Young’s family, said the young girl has awoken from her coma but is expected to grapple with lasting injuries from the crash.

“She likely has permanent brain damage that she will endure for the rest of her life,” Porto told Good Morning America on Tuesday. “She’s not walking — it’s a sad, sad, sad story.”

Porto said Ariel is still unable to speak and is still hospitalized in Kansas City from the crash.

“This wasn’t a fender bender,” Porto said. “This was a serious life-altering event.”

Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid ‘Heart Goes Out’ to Ariel 

The Kansas City Chiefs did not allow Britt Reid, 35, to accompany them to Super Bowl LV, where the Chiefs lost last night to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 31-9.

Many experts have reported that Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid was so heartbroken by the injuries to Ariel that he was so distracted it was a major factor in the Chiefs losing to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Super Bowl LV.

Following the loss, Andy Reid acknowledged Ariel in his post-game news conference, saying his heart goes out to everyone involved and especially to the little girl [Ariel] fighting for her life.

GoFundMe Raises Over 500K For Ariel Young

a GoFundMe fundraiser for Ariel, which was set up days after she was seriously injured in this automobile accident, has now brought in more than $500,000.


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