Arizona Democratic Senate Nominee Mark Kelly, Mirrors Biden In Dodging Questions

Arizona Mark Kelly Dodges Questions like Joe Biden
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With early voting set to begin in Arizona, Democratic Senate nominee Mark Kelly should just fly to Delaware and join sleepy Joe Biden in his basement as he continues to evade answering the most important issues that concern Arizonians.

For example, Joe Biden was asked yesterday: “Who would you nominate to replace Ruth Bader Ginsberg? For which Sleepy Joe retorted “I’ll tell you in plenty of time”. Wait. What? In time for what exactly?

Is Mark Kelly Striving To Be Joe Jr.?

One might think it’s important for Arizona voters to know where Mark Kelly stands on the most important issues of the day if he wants to replace Republican Martha McSally, in the U.S. Senate?

But Mark Kelly doesn’t believe that’s the case, as he’s taken the Joe Biden approach in responding to questions Arizona voters would find enlightening.

Mark Kelly Dodges Every Question Put Forth By Arizona’s ABC 15

In an interview conducted just a month ago on The Gaggle, an Arizona political podcast, when Kelly was asked whether he would support doing away with the filibuster, he responded:

“I’ve studied the issue, clearly, it’s a big decision. I think everybody recognizes it as a big decision. It’s not in the Constitution. It’s been used to stop progress by both parties. So it’s something I will take very seriously. And I’ll look at both sides.”

This, of course, is a classic Democrat dodge.

Kelly has been running for well over a year, but he’s still studying the issue?

In another example of Mark Kelly not telling Arizona voters exactly how he’ll vote if elected to the Senate. Kelly participated in an early August interview with ABC15 Arizona.

ABC 15 reporter Jamie Warren asked Kelly…

  • How Do We Get People Back To Work? Kelly responded ‘it’s a tough situation…first we have to address that we have a public and economic crisis…we have to protect small business owners’ WOW, this is enlightening. Of course, he didn’t present one thing that HE WOULD DO.
  • Where do you stand when it comes to getting children back into the classroom? Well, we have to do it safely and the Feds have to provide a safe environment for students. What The Hell? That’s not an answer! It’s either ‘Yes, we must reopen the schools’, or No, we shouldn’t until the pandemic is over’ are answers. Spewing the Federal Government must do this, or that isn’t an answer.

Please note: Kelly stated they must wait for the Coronavirus infection rate to lower before Arizona could reopen the schools.

Arizona reached it’s peak COVID infection rate of 5,000 people per day in July. On September 21st it was 233 people.

So how low must it go until Kelly believes it’s safe to reopen the schools? My guess is Mark Kelly will dodge that question as well.

Watch Mark Kelly giving his nothing-burger answers to every question.

Hysterically, when Mark Kelly was asked by Warren if he accepted Martha McSally’s challenge to 7 Debates?

Right on cue Mark Kelly dodged the question.

Instead of giving a yes, or no answer. Kelly instead attacked McSally on the healthcare industry’s co-pays, higher deductables, price gouging, and their practice of surprise medical billing.

Kelly’s dodge only proved himself to be a typical ‘Do as I say, not as I do‘, hypocrite Democrat.

A political ad for Martha McSally linked Mark Kelly to a medical company that engages in, SURPRISE! Price gouging and surprise medical billing.

While Kelly’s campaign defended his being a board member of Arizona based Angel Medflight, claiming he [Kelly] only consulted on making the emergency medical flights safer and more efficient.

The Kelly campaign conveniently overlooked the fact that while being a paid board member, Kelly was also given up to a half-million dollars in non-public stocks.

Watch This ‘Fact-Check’ report from Arizona’s News 12:

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