Nancy Pelosi canceled her press briefing today after claiming her hair appointment furore was a “set-up.”

Pelosi was supposed to speak to reporters and news outlets on Thursday morning but the event was canceled at around 11am.

News of the canceled conference comes after California business owner Erica Kious claimed she received “death threats” after maskless Pelosi’s unauthorized visit to her salon on Monday.

“Pelosi cancels scheduled news conference,” tweeted GOP spokesperson Elizabeth Harrington, who then posted a gif of a woman getting a pedicure on Twitter.

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Kious told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson “the appointment was already booked so there was no way I could have set that up.”

But on Wednesday, the House Speaker’s stylist Johnathan DeNardo claimed his boss approved the House Speaker’s infamous appointment in San Francisco.

Kious insisted she had no prior knowledge of the appointment after Pelosi accused the businesswoman of orchestrating a “set-up” and demanded an apology.

But in a statement issued through DeNardo’s lawyers, the stylist claimed his boss approved the appointment a day before.

The statement said: “In response to press inquiries on the matter, Mr. DeNardo can confirm that he indeed did provide professional stylist services to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (CA) on August 31, 2020, at the ‘eSalon,’ located at 2288 Union Street in San Francisco, California.

“Mr. DeNardo, at all times, took all requisite safety measures throughout his appointment with Speaker Pelosi, including sanitation of all service areas and wearing of CDC-recommended protective equipment, and thereafter ensured the premises were similarly sanitized following Speaker Pelosi’s departure.