The Democrats’ “defund the police” mantra is going so well, that now nearly all the liberal loony-toon leftist mayors who embraced BLM‘s idiocy are now jumping on the Refund the Police bandwagon as quickly as possible.

Baltimore joins Los Angeles, New York City, and Minneapolis as well as a host of other Democrat-run cities in refunding their city’s Police departments budgets.

Every Democratic-run city that bent the knee to the BLM terrorist by defunded their police departments was quickly rewarded with a dramatic surge in their city’s crime rate.

As TuskerDaily reported, Los Angeles was one of the first to announce the increase, which happened about three weeks ago.

This was followed by Minneapolis politicians walking back their Defund The Police stupidity, as they started refunding the Police.

Of course, you knew that meant New York wouldn’t be too far behind, and indeed, the city announced last week that it would also be refunding its police force.

Baltimore Refund The Police More $$$ Than They Took Away During Their Defund The Police Idiocy

After choosing to defund the city’s police department by $22 million last year.

Baltimore is now increasing the BPD budget by an eye-popping $28 million after a dramatic surge in crime.

That news comes from a Breaking911 tweet, which cited the Baltimore Sun.



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