Barack Obama tweeted out that he’s all finished with his fictional fantasy entitled ‘A Promised Land’ which will apparently reveal his “highs and lows,” as President and according to the man himself, “tries to provide an honest accounting of [his] presidency” and finally reveals how to “make [American] democracy work for everybody.”

Wonder if ‘A Promised Land’ will have a chapter or two on why he didn’t accomplish this during his 8-long years in office?

Right on cue thousands of OBAMAmnesiacs thanked Obama for what? Who knows, but they screeched that they “couldn’t wait to buy.”

Most of these delusional Democrats called him “inspirational” and even “the greatest President of all time.”

Of course, he is…if you’re only counting the Presidents between January 21st, 2009, and January 19th, 2017, which laughably, makes him the worst President of all time also.

Putting aside the deluge of dimwitted Democrats praising Obama as a President with integrity, and compassion, Conservatives rightfully called Obama’s fanbase “delusional.”

Barack Obama’s Book ‘A Promised Land’ Should Be Retitled ‘OBAMAmnesia

Maybe, Joe Biden’s dementia is contagious, because there are a great many Democrats suffering “OBAMAmnesia” when it comes to the former ‘Deporter-In-Chief’?

For those liberal twittering twits here are a few reminders:

      • Obama created the cages those locked away all those illegal immigrant kids.
      • Black Lives Matter got their start during the racial riots under Obama.
      • “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot,” and “I Can’t Breath” T-shirts were selling like hotcakes under the Obama/Biden administration.
      • Race driven Rioting, Looting, and Arson became commonplace under the Obama administration.
      • Obama deported illegal immigrants to such an extent that it makes even President Donald Trump jealous of what Obama and Biden had accomplished.

Of course, this list isn’t even the tip of the iceberg.

Despite Barack Obama, and Joe Biden’s claim that they didn’t have a single scandal during their 8-years in office.

Unfortunately for Obama, and his delusional social media mob there were plenty of conservative users who speculated on whether Obama’s self-described “honest memoir ” will chronicle the ex-president’s multiple controversies.