Bernie Sanders maximum wage cap

Bernie Sanders refused to answer CNN host Jake Tapper’s question about if he still supports his radical Socialist extremist “maximum wage cap” idea.


During Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) early political career as a member of the Vermont Liberty Union Party, Bernie proposed a radical Socialist Maximum Wage Cap idea to “make it illegal to amass more wealth than a human family could use in a lifetime,” according to newspaper accounts from the time. 

Sanders’ Socialist extremist “maximum wage” proposal promised a 100 percent tax on income above $1 million a year, saying he “would recycle this money for the public need.”

CNN’s State of the Union anchor Jake Tapper asked Bernie Sanders to respond to the unearthing of one of Bernie’s more radical proposals from the 1970s.

“You proposed a maximum wage cap on the highest earners.”

“Early in your political career, way back in 1974, you said that it should be illegal to earn more money than someone could spend in his or her lifetime,” 

Sanders dismissed Tapper’s question as irrelevant to his current political views responding that discussing ideas he had 50-years-ago was not “productive.” 

In all fairness, if Jake Tapper had brought up something a person said in 1974, I would agree with Bernie Sanders 100%.

In the real world, a person’s views change over their lifetime as they gather more life experience, but…

Ironically Bernie Sanders seems to be one of those rare few whose views haven’t changed, which made Tapper’s question at least somewhat legitimate.


Bernie makes A None Issue Into An Issue

While Bernie Sanders could have gotten away with dismissing Tapper for bringing up something that he said 50-years ago.

Jake Tapper asked a seemingly throwaway question that could have ended this whole line of questioning for good.

Tapper asked Bernie if he still believes in such an extremist idea:

“But you do not favor a “Wage Cap” as you once proposed? That’s the only question.”

Bernie responded, by not responding sputtering: “50-years-ago, hmm.”

Sanders then started saying something about ‘Wealth Inequality‘ before cutting himself off mid-sentence, deflecting to another of Bernie’s typical ‘Orange Man Bad’ tirades.

Bottom line, Bernie Sanders refused to give a “Yes,” or “No” answer to Jake Tapper’s pretty straight forward question.


Does Bernie Sanders still believe in his radical Socialist idiocy from the 1970s?

Since all Bernie Sanders needed to do was answer “No, I don’t believe in that anymore,” one now has to wonder, does he?

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