Triggered Bette Midler

Triggered Bette Midler offered up an unhinged reaction to a video President Donald Trump shared on Twitter.


President Trump shared an entertaining, tongue-in-cheek video after his Senate acquittal on both counts of impeachment, which triggered unhinged la la land loon Bette Midler.

The video features a manipulated animation of a Time magazine cover with Trump 2020 campaign signs dating through the year 90000 and beyond.

While the video was clearly a clever joke, Midler, 74, took it very seriously.


At the time of this writing, Midler’s tweet has attracted more than 19,000 comments — many of them calling her out for not being able to take a joke.

Despite the outcry against her reaction, Midler tweeted on Thursday that the president is “the malignant force.”

“The most unprincipled man to ever hold the highest office in the land will be spinning his ass off for YOU, the American public, at 12pm today. He will try to convince you that he is pure and the victim of malignant forces you cannot see. He’s not. HE IS THE MALIGNANT FORCE.”

This is hardly the first time one of Midler’s many anti-Trump tweets has fallen flat.

In July, Midler caught the ire of some of her fellow celebrities after a controversial tweet about black Trump supporters.

She later deleted the tweet after the backlash.


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