White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki ridiculously pushed back against criticism of the Biden administration’s tweet celebrating a minuscule 16-cent reduction in 4th of July costs.

Asked by Fox News’ Peter Doocy about the much-maligned tweet from the official White House account.

Psaki defended the savings and chalked up criticism to people who must not enjoy a hot dog on Independence Day.

“There has been a reduction in some of the costs of key components of the Fourth of July barbecue,” she said. “That was what the tweet was noting.”

Asked how a $0.16 saving compares to rising gas costs across the country, Psaki said, “I would say if you don’t like hot dogs, you may not care of the reduction of cost.”

“You can’t buy a hotdog for 16 cents, that’s like a bite of a hot dog!” Doocy fired back. 

After some back and forth with Doocy, Psaki quickly pivoted to the recent jobs report and moved on.

Psaki’s defense of the White House’s controversial tweet, however, renewed criticism that she and the administration are out of touch with working Americans. 

“Sorry to not join the media’s ‘SLAY QUEEN’ chorus on these types of responses but her out-of-touch and economically illiterate condescension isn’t appealing to me,” Federalist Editor Mollie Hemingway tweeted

“‘Why do you hate hot dogs?’ – from the adults back in charge,” commentator Stephen L. Miller sarcastically added

Biden’s 4th of July 16-cent Savings Celebration Get Ratio’d.

Coca-Cola and Heinz – two companies closely associated with July 4th cookouts – both recently announced price hikes. 

According to the American Farm Bureau Federation, the cost of a cookout for 10 people – a typical celebration for the Fourth of July – has gone down 16 cents from 2020, but it is also 8% higher than 2019.

The group’s original report, released on June 29, initially reported an increase in costs this year, but this was later shockingly, not shockingly changed.

As TuskerDaily reported gas prices were skyrocketing ahead of the July 4th holiday weekend with Americans facing the highest prices in seven years.

The average price is $3.126 per gallon, according to AAA, which is over a dollar more than Americans were paying at the pumps just one year ago. 

Thanks Joe, Gas Prices Skyrocket Ahead 4th Of July Holiday Weekend


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