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Despite the media declaring Joe Biden is the ‘President-Elect’, deputy campaign manager and communications director Kate Bedingfield, as she has done on many occasions during the 2020 Presidential campaign, dodged a question on whether Biden is considering a four- to six-week national lockdown as members of his Coronavirus task force has suggested.

Of course, Bedingfield’s regurgitating Joe Biden’s talking point about Americans wearing masks, as if this was some brilliant idea that no one has ever thought of to battle the virus is mind-numbing, to say the least.

It’s not shocking that Bedingfield dodged CNN’s Jake Tapper on Thursday due to having two important Senate seats runoff elections that will determine if Joe Biden has a majority in both houses before he supposedly takes office on January 20th.

In light of the outcome of these two Georgia elections, which will either leave the Republicans in charge or swing the Senate majority to the Democrats. Bedingfield’s refusal to answer any actual questions is just a continuation of Joe Biden’s “We’ll tell you after we won” campaign strategy.

Kate Bedingfield Spewing the Same Joe Biden 2020 BS

After Kate Bedingfield mentioned implementing a national mask mandate, which Joe Biden himself has already admitted was ‘Unconstitutional,’ and providing resources to businesses and schools so they can reopen, she told Tapper:

“I think he laid out very clearly across the course of the campaign the things that he wants to do to get the virus under control,” 

“Obviously he is listening to the very best advice from scientists,”

One of Joe Biden’s so-called COVID ‘scientists,’ Michael Osterholm, on Wednesday, floated the idea of a four- to six-week national shutdown, with the government (taxpayers) compensating workers for lost wages.

Knowing what Osterholm stated, with all the backbone of a Spineless Jellyfish, Jake Tapper pressed Bedingfield: “But what does that mean, no plans for a lockdown, but that could change? I mean, he’s on — Michael Osterholm is on the task force.”

Bedingfield responded by repeating what she’d just said about the plan Joe Biden has been vaguely spewing ever since the Coronavirus pandemic become campaign fodder:

“So there are things that Joe Biden has put forward that will make a difference, and that he’s focused on.

Now, of course, is he taking advice? Is he hearing from the best public health experts who are advising him? Of course, and he’s taking that into account. But he’s put forward really aggressive plans that he intends to implement in order to get the virus under control.”

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