If Former President Donald Trump “Joked” about running over a reporter, the Democrats and mainstream media would have already started another Impeachment.
But since it was Joe Biden, the White House press corps laughed and praised the President after he joked about running over a reporter who asked a question about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as he tested an electric Ford pick-up truck.

Video from a Ford testing site in Dearborn, Michigan, shows Biden driving the F-150 Lightning truck model on a test runway, with the White House correspondents throwing him softball questions and laughing along – except for one female reporter.

“Mr. President, can I ask you a quick question on Israel before you drive away since it’s so important?” she can be heard asking.

“No, you can’t. Not unless you get in front of the car as I step on it,” Biden replies, to laughter from the reporters. “I’m only teasing,” he added, then drove off, ignoring the question.

Watch Biden ‘Jokes’ about RUNNING OVER Reporter

The Media’s Double Standard Is Egregious

I wouldn’t even have written this story if the mainstream media had covered Donald Trump in the same way they’re now reporting on Joe Biden.

Instead, for four years if Donald Trump had even mild criticism toward a reporter he would be labeled a racist if the reporter were a person of color.

In this case, certainly a misogynist since the reporter who asked Joe Biden the Israeli question was female.

At the very least CNN’s Jim Acosta would have reported:

President Donald Trump once again places the lives of reporters in danger.

After a female reporter asked the President a question about the Israeli, Palestinian conflict. A clearly perturbed threatened to run her over.

Trump then floored the vehicle leaving behind the stunned female reporter who later told me she was so shaken by the President’s actions that all she could think about was ‘what would happen to her 5 children?’

But beyond the fact that a sitting United States President threatened a journalist’s life.

Trump signaled to his alt-right supporters that it is now OK to run over what he’s called ‘Fake News’ reporters with their vehicles.

So once again a shocked White House Press Poll is left asking. What kind of President acts this way?

Wolf, I would also like to point out that Trump never did answer the reporter’s Israeli question.

And according to a reliable CNN source I reached out to, President Trump evading the question, now has both Democrat and Republican Congressional members asking “what’s Trump hiding?”



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