Somebody’s got to pay for the Democrats’ $1.9 trillion (not) COVID Relief bloated blue state bailout, and President Joe Biden knows exactly which shade of American he’s planning to send his ‘Redistributing Wealth’ Tax Hike to.

Biden is getting ready to unleash the biggest national tax hike since 1993, of course, it’ll be presented as something that will ‘boost the economy.’

Of course, they never explain exactly how Redistributing Wealth will kick start America’s economic engine, and don’t hold your breath waiting for the mainstream media will ask.

Some may wonder why? But the answer is obvious:

Joe Biden is a Democrat.

The Democrats control the House and Senate.

This is what the ‘steal from Peter to pay Paul’ Democrats do best.

Democrats won’t stop until America goes the way of Venezuela.

And with their mainstream media obediently doing their bidding, it shouldn’t take long before the Democrats complete their transformation of America.

Unless you’re a delusional far-left ideologue. With the likes of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her simpleminded socialist squad members being elected to Congress.

American’s have witnessed over the past 5 years, an influx of Democrats who warmly embrace socialism and all its wonderful ‘Redistributing Wealth’ mental midget mentality messaging.

Hell, even socialist AOC sells a sweatshop shirt with the very same edict on her ‘capitalist pig website’ for $69 (S/H and Taxes not included).

Of course, on the ‘Redistributing Wealth Clown World,’ “Rich” is Democrat code for ‘White Americans.’

AOC Tax The Rich




Redistribute Wealth to Whom?

The Democrats’ ultimate goal, which of course, similar to their goalposts, are always moving, is to consolidate America’s wealth and put it in the hands of the few select chosen leftist elites in order to Redistributing Wealth a few pennies at a time to their subjugated masses.

CNN wrote about Biden’s upcoming tour to sell the Democrats’ radical liberal agenda in a story titled: Biden scored a major legislative victory, but now comes the hard part.

“After savoring the passage of his $1.9 trillion Covid-19 relief package in the Rose Garden last week, President Joe Biden begins the tough work of enacting what he called a ‘transformational’ piece of legislation, while also trying to sell Americans on the progressive goals the bill embraced.”

WOW! Another word salad bombshell report from the Clown News Network.

Any fifth-grader knows it’s easy to spend other peoples’ money. The hard part is always paying it back.

Of course, CNN’s idiocy comes after Joe Biden said in his recent prime-time address that:

“it’s one thing to pass the American Rescue Plan. It’s going to be another thing to implement it.

It’s going to require fastidious oversight to make sure there’s no waste or fraud.”

It came as quite a shock that Old Joe didn’t sneak in “The American people will have to dig deep to implement the American Rescue Plan.”

Because that is what Joe Biden is planning to do to our wallets

The Democrats “Help Is Here” tour

Bloomberg News wrote what Joe Biden, nor Kamala Harris will be saying on their laughable “Help is Here” tour:

“Biden wants to pay for the next stage of his economic plan by raising federal taxes significantly for the first time since 1993, according to people familiar with the matter,” 

“Key advisers are preparing a package of measures that will at least partly pay for itself through tax hikes.”

Do you know that $1,400 stimulus check you’re about to hear Democrats gushing over as their ‘Help Is Here’ tours America?

Well, you better save it.

Because Joe Biden and the federal government’s about to snatch every last penny back through tax hikes.



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