White House press secretary Jen Psaki made it clear on Monday that President Biden won’t strip New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo of his role leading the nation’s weekly COVID-19 coordinating calls with governors.

So much for Joe Biden’s promise that ‘As President, unlike Trump, I will hold anyone who assaults and/or harasses a woman accountable for their #MeToo transgressions.’

Joe Biden Refuses To Remove Cuomo

A reporter pressed Psaki at her daily press briefing on why the beleaguered Democrat is still leading the weekly White House pandemic calls in his role as chair of the National Governors Association (NGA), particularly after reports that New York’s state COVID-19 vaccine czar, Larry Schwartz, is asking county officials to affirm their loyalty to the beleaguered governor, appearing to tie pandemic help to Cuomo’s unrelated woes.

Former Vice President Mike Pence previously led the national COVID-19 coordinating calls in his role as chairman of the White House coronavirus task force.

Psaki confirmed Biden’s spinless jellyfish status as she placed the responsibility of holding Cuomo responsible for his scandalous actions on others:

“It would be up to the NGA to determine if they were to make a change on that front. It’s also up to the legislature and others in New York to determine if he still has the confidence of the people in the state,” 

Psaki said the Cuomo-led group was put in charge of the calls to break from the approach of the Trump administration.

“One of the reasons that it’s been set up to engage directly with governors is that there were operational aspects of the way the last administration approached COVID and approached … the distribution of vaccines or approached planning and engagement with governors that wasn’t working,”

“They didn’t feel they had the information they needed, they didn’t know when they were getting vaccine supply. And our effort was to work much more directly in a range of means and a range of ways up and down the ranks in these states to ensure that we were addressing the local needs as they came up, so I’m not aware of any plan to shift that approach.”

Spineless Jellyfish Joe Biden Isn’t Brave Enough To Speak Out Against A Fellow Democrat

The White House claims it’s “concerning” that Cuomo’s deputy Schwartz would be linking loyalty to the governor to vaccine distribution.

“We were concerned, of course, about the reports of this inappropriate behavior, but we also have a number of steps that are already in the system to ensure that the people of New York, the people of any state, are getting — the vaccines are distributed fairly and equitably,”

But the Biden spokeswoman claimed that the President wants a “quick” review of “troubling” sexual harassment allegations against Cuomo, but that Biden isn’t ready to demand his resignation.

In the meantime Jen Psaki will simply continue to spew out Joe Biden’s ‘never pick a side’ canned #MeToo response:

“Like everyone who continues to read stories — new developments seem to happen every day — we find them troubling, the president finds them troubling, hard to read. And every woman who steps forward needs to be treated with dignity and respect,”

Unless that woman is named Tara Reade!

Until the liberal social media mob is truly ready to condemn Cuomo, Presient Joe Biden is content to stand on the sideline saying nothing because, as you know from Obama, that’s what great Democrat leaders do.

Biden told reporters Sunday on the White House lawn that he won’t call on Cuomo to resign pending a review overseen by New York Attorney General Letitia James.

“I think the investigation is underway and we should see what it brings us,” Biden said as he returned from a weekend trip home to Delaware.

But unlike Biden, some Democrats were born with a spine.

After a seventh woman stepped forward last week, both of New York’s Democratic senators and nearly all of the state’s 19 Democrats in the House of Representatives has called for Cuomo to resign

Cuomo’s fellow DemocRATS began to abandon Cuomo’s sinking ship last month following a stunning admission from his top aide, Melissa DeRosa — first reported by The New York Post — that Cuomo’s team hid data on COVID-19 nursing home deaths so that it could not “be used against us” by federal prosecutors, which could amount to a crime.


Andrew Cuomo Won’t Resign Just Because Seven Women Are Accusing Him of Sexual Assualt and/or Harassment.

From day one, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, on numerous occasions, has made it crystal clear that he will never resign.

Especially since he has a whole list of people he can still blame for his lack of morality.

When the reports of Cuomo’s Nursing Home COVID Death Toll coverup and his MeToo faux pas’ started to gain traction in January.

Andrew Cuomo immediately did what Andrew Cuomo has always done when faced with a negative news story…place the blame on others.

So far, Cuomo has pointed the finger, of course, at President Donald Trump, but when that didn’t stick. Cuomo then claimed in succession that the reporting on his ‘supposed scandals’ was being driven by:

  • Republican operatives (even if it was Cuomo’s top aid that apologized to Democratic lawmakers for Cuomo’s COVID Coverup)
  • Democrat Rivals
  • Political operatives from both sides of the aisle.
  • Russian disinformation.
  • Online trolls.
  • Right-wing conspiracy theorists.
  • Nursing Home Staff, and Visitors.

This past Friday Cuomo announced who his latest scapegoat was when he whined that he’s the victim of “cancel culture” and won’t leave office voluntarily.

“I was not elected by the politicians. I was elected by the people,” 

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  1. Why would Bidet say anything about Mario Cuomo? Both are political hacks who really don’t belong in their positions. At least there is nothing about Cuomo being a pedophile, I can’t say the same about ChinaJoe.

  2. Andy is only accused. Remember that trump was accused and found not guilty. However the ”Me too” element says All Rape and harassment accusers must be believed, women like Crystal Magnum, Susan Shannon, ”Jackie” of the UVA, Columbia’s ‘Mattress Girl’, Emma Sulkowicz, Wanetta Gibson, Tawana Brawley, Gregory Counts and Van Dyke Perry’s accuser, etc.. They would never lie, unless Bill Clinton, Andy Cuomo, Keith Ellison, Anthony Weiner, Robert Müeller, Al Franken, etc. is accused.


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