Despite having seen the same exact scenario play out when he was Obama’s VP, amazingly, Joe Biden didn’t see the Migrant Border Crisis happening even though he brought back many, if not all, of ‘My Buddy Barack‘ failed open border policies?

As Tusker Daily reported last month, it took Joe Biden less than 30-days to completely destroy the stability that Donald Trump had brought to America’s Southern Border.

One can argue if those policies were good or bad, illegal or legal, but the bottom line is they worked.

Even if Joe Biden disagreed with every single one of Trump’s policies. It would have been far more pertinent to eliminate them over the course of months, if not years.

Instead of a Scalpel, Joe Biden Used A Hatchet

After being sworn in as President, Joe Biden instead of slowly phasing out some, or all, of former President Donald Trump’s supposedly ‘harsh’ immigration policies. Joe Biden took a hatchet to them.

In less than a month, President Joe Biden not only reversed many of the successful Trump-era immigration policies.

Which included deporting children seeking asylum who arrived alone at the U.S.-Mexico border, and Trump’s ‘Remain In Mexico‘ order that forced migrants to wait in Mexico as they made their case to stay in the United States.

Biden simultaneously reintroduced many of former President Obama’s most spectacular open border failures such as his infamous ‘Catch and Release‘ policy.

Joe Biden Has No Other Choice Than To Implement An Open Border Policy.

As TuskerDaily reported earlier the number of unaccompanied minors being held in US custody has now soared past 15,000 migrant children.

And that number is expected to continue to grow as Border Patrol agents are currently apprehending roughly 500 unaccompanied minors PER DAY!

While Joe Biden and his administration continue to delude themselves into believing the border situation is a “Challenge” and not a ‘Crisis”.

A source told Fox News that the situation has “become so dire that Biden’s Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has no choice but to start immediately releasing illegal immigrants who claim asylum into the United States without COVID testing or issuing a Notice to Appear (NTA) – meaning they will set free into America without so much as a court date.

According to the Fox News source, this is all due to what has now become all too apparent.

There’s simply no room to hold migrants to do all the necessary NTA paperwork, wait for Coronavirus test results, let alone spend days, and weeks doing a criminal background check.

Such a decision would be unprecedented if enacted and would place the responsibility of seeking an asylum hearing on the migrants through Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) or legal assistance.

How Did Joe Biden and The Democrats Not See This Coming?

Before taking office the Biden administration was working with Democrats on immigration legislation to address long-term problems.

But despite career immigration officials warning of the impending migrant surge after the 2020 presidential election. Team Biden didn’t even bother to start formulating a plan to manage the expected influx.

Hell, On December 9, 2020, TuskerDaily published an article titled: Migrant Caravans Are Back and Heading For America.

So, if our little puny, no-nothing website knew what was happening back in December. Then why didn’t then-President-elect Joe BidenNancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer know as well?

Now the Biden administration is scrambling to build up the capacity to care for some 15,500 migrants now in federal custody.

And with at least 500 more being added each day the Biden administration finds itself on its heels for something that should have been easily predictable.

Ronald Vitiello, a former acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement and chief of Border Patrol who has served in Republican and Democratic administrations stated:

“They should have forecasted for space (for young migrants) more quickly.

And I think in hindsight, maybe they should have waited until they had additional shelter space before they changed the policies.”

Stop Blaming Trump, This Is All On You Joe!

Since Biden’s inauguration, the U.S. has seen a dramatic spike in the number of people encountered by border officials, but as you’ve surely heard the Democrats blame Trump for leaving them a broken border..

In Joe Biden’s first full month as America’s open border President (Feb. 2021) Border Patrol agents apprehended over 110,000 illegal immigrants attempting to enter the United States, an increase over the 78,000 that were apprehended in January 2021.

But the 110,000 illegals captured in February, was more than double the 45,000 that were apprehended in December 2020, which was Donald Trump’s last full month in office.

But despite the migrant numbers skyrocketing, Joe Biden continues to this day to play dumb. Of course, one has to wonder if Biden is really playing?

Biden playing stupid is evidenced by White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki saying almost daily during her White House Press Briefings that the spiraling out-of-control migrant border situation is not “a crisis“ but merely ‘a challenge.

But if CNN and The New York Times are now both calling it a crisis.

Than that should tell the Biden administration all it needs to know about how well their blatant duplicity is working.

Biden’s Not So Tough Talk

The president and other administration officials in recent days have stepped up efforts to urge migrants not to come.

Embassies in Northern Triangle countries are airing public service announcements underscoring the dangers of making the trek north.

But, not surprisingly, unlike Trump who put up a big fat “Not Welcome” sign at America’s front door. Joe Biden is only telling desperate migrants that the trip is dangerous.

Of course, Joe Biden, like his mentor Barack Obama, is trying to play both sides of the fence.

While telling migrants “Don’t Come,” America doesn’t have an Open Border policy, they immediately follow up that supposed ‘tough talk’ with:

‘The Biden administration will not turn away any unaccompanied minors, nor any migrant families seeking asylum in the United States.’ 

So essentially, President Joe Biden is telling despondent migrants that while America technically doesn’t have an open border policy. Don’t worry, in reality, America’s doors are wide open.



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