Why Isn’t Joe Biden Being Called Hitler For Doing Exactly What Trump Had Done?

Just as he did with his COVID-19 vaccine doses pledge, President Joe Biden set the bar so low on his 100-day School Reopening Plan that he needs to do virtually nothing to reach it since President Trump has already done all the heavy lifting.

As TuskerDaily reported a few weeks back after Joe Biden proclaimed that his administration would produce 100 million COVID-19 vaccine doses within his first 100-days.

Of course, Biden ignored the fact that the Trump administration was already on a trajectory to have 98 million doses produced on the exact same day.

Biden’s 100-day School Reopening Plan Comes With An Asterisk

Fast forward to Joe Biden now pledging to reopen ‘*most’ of America’s K-8 schools within his first 100 days.

But, as with all things Democrats, his “most” comes with the asterisk.

What Joe Biden actually means when he says ‘Most” is ‘an in-person class, taking place at least one day a week, for over 50 percent of schools.

As Jen Psaki, Biden’s ‘Clintonesque‘ White House press secretary explained to reporters on Tuesday. 

“His goal that he set was to have the majority of schools – so more than 50 percent, open by day 100 of his presidency, and that means some teaching in classrooms.

So, at least one day a week, hopefully, it’s more, and obviously, it is as much as is safe in each school and local district.”

Biden Sets The School Reopening Bar So Low That Even Clueless Joe Can’t Screw It Up

If one thing we’ve learned in his first few weeks as President, don’t expect him to set goals such as JFK’s ‘Moonshot,’ or President Trump pledging to have a COVID Vaccine by the end of 2020, which the media called him a liar because it would take a “medical miracle” for that to happen.

BTW, Still waiting for the mainstream media’s apology.

No, instead of challenging America to do the extraordinary, Joe Biden wants America shooting for mediocrity at best.

According to the Burbio School Opening Tracker, Biden could have started celebrating his 100-day school opening pledge even before he even was sworn in as President

An ‘Education Next study‘ done in November and December found that the Trump administration had already achieved a 47% rate of students having some in-person classes at least once a week.

Burbio found that 64 percent of K-8 students were getting some in-person school instruction.

School Reopening percentage by state

The CDC States That Schools Can Safely Reopen NOW

Despite the fact that former CDC director Dr. Robert Redfield testified before Congress that schools are one of the safest places K-12 students can be amid the pandemic. 

“There’s extensive data that we’ve gathered over the last two to three months to confirm that K-12 schools can operate with face-to-face learning, and they can do it safely, and they can do it responsibly,”

Just in case Joe Biden inexplicably doesn’t reach the 3% he needs for him to reach his pathetically low School Reopening goal.

The Biden administration insists that despite the CDC saying that schools can safely reopen NOW, they’re waiting for it in writing.

So many schools remain shuttered waiting for the pencil pushers at the CDC to issue their guidelines and recommendations in writing so Biden feels secure in knowing he has someone to blame if things don’t go according to plan.

Say to say Joe Biden won’t ever be described as being a risk-taker, and America certainly won’t experience another ‘Moonshot’ moment until Donald Trump is re-elected President in 2024.

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