Joe Biden Claims There Is No Gas Shortage
Motorists and even airlines struggled to find fuel across the southeastern US due to the gas shortage created by the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack.
Virginia and Florida declared a state of emergency on Tuesday, following North Carolina’s declaration the day before, as the disruption in pipeline operations led to over 1,000 gas stations across a dozen states running out of fuel, according to S&P’s Oil Price Information Service.
Just as they’ve done with the migrant border crisis, the Biden administration declared move along folks, nothing to see.
Hysterically, not only did Joe Biden’s liberal logic stooges claim that there was ‘no gas shortage.’ They then immediately blamed the gas shortage…Excuse me “supply crunch,” on stupid Americans hoarding gasoline to make Joe look bad.

According to GasBuddy, an app helping motorists find deals at the pump. As of Tuesday afternoon, 27% of stations in many of North Carolina‘s most populous cities were dry, 

Atlanta, Georgia also reported a 30% outage as well.

New York Times Covers For Biden: There’s No Gas Shortage

Of course, the New York Times went with their feelings, not facts in reporting “there have been no long lines or major price hikes for gas.”.


Social media users started posting photos to prove just how pathetic the New York Times has become for covering up Biden’s lies.

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  1. The voters get what they vote for. Nothing to see here. The Bidenreich has everything under control.

  2. As if Obiden knows anything about gas, pumping it or paying for it.

    At least Stumblin’ boi isn’t blaming PRESIDENT TRUMP or calling him a White Supremacist!


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