Joe Biden while blasting President Donald Trump‘s COVID response as ‘woefully lacking’ and screeching that ‘urgent action is needed today’ to combat rising coronavirus cases, and as usual Clueless Joe offered no suggestions.

The mainstream media’s declared “President-elect” warned on Friday night that an ‘immediate federal response’ is needed as the pandemic is ‘accelerating right now’ and ‘does not respect dates on the calendar’.

Biden’s comments came after President Trump delivered an update on ‘Operation Warp Speed‘, his administration’s effort to aid the development of a vaccine, from the Rose Garden on Friday afternoon.

While new infections across the country hit a record high for the third consecutive day with 153,496 cases on Thursday. What Joe Biden and his fake news media cohorts fail to report is deaths from COVID-19 have not spiked in the same way.

Covid Infections and Deaths

Biden said in a tweet Friday night. ‘I am alarmed by the surge in reported COVID-19 infections, hospitalizations, and fatalities,’

‘This crisis demands a robust and immediate federal response which has been woefully lacking.’

Joe Biden: Urgent Action Is Needed Today, Of Course, Clueless Joe Has Only One Idea

As TuskerDaily reported yesterday, Joe Biden’s deputy campaign manager and communications director Kate Bedingfield, appeared on CNN and regurgitated Joe Biden’s same old Coronavirus talking point about Americans wearing masks, as if this was some brilliant idea that no one has ever thought of to battle the deadly virus?

Bedingfield also did what she has done on many occasions during the 2020 Presidential campaign. She dodged Jake Tapper’s question on whether Biden was considering his Coronavirus task force advisor Michael Osterholm’s suggestion that he declare a four- to six-week national lockdown.

After Bedingfield sidestepped the question by stating that Biden had no plans for a lockdown, but that could change, a befuddled Jake Tapper shot back:

“But what does that mean, no plans for a lockdown, but that could change? I mean, he’s on — Michael Osterholm is on the task force.”

Bedingfield continued to dodge by repeating what Joe Biden had been spewing ever since the Democrats’ made the Coronavirus pandemic political cannon fodder:

“So there are things that Joe Biden has put forward that will make a difference, and that he’s focused on.

Now, of course, is he taking advice? Is he hearing from the best public health experts who are advising him? Of course, and he’s taking that into account. But he’s put forward really aggressive plans that he intends to implement in order to get the virus under control.”

Of course, like the spineless Jellyfish, he is, Jake Tapper acquiesced and moved on.

President Trump Declares He’ll Never Implement A Nationwide Lockdown

Joe Biden’s faux Coronavirus outrage came after President Trump’s briefing that a Coronavirus vaccine could be available to the entire population as early as April.

During his press conference, President Trump was also adamant that his administration would never be enforcing a nationwide lockdown, despite the growing number of cases.